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Dale Kim

Dale Kim

Sr. Director, Technical Solutions

Dale Kim is the Senior Director of Technical Solutions at Hazelcast and is responsible for product and go-to-market strategy for the in-memory computing platform. His background includes technical and management roles at IT companies in areas such as relational databases, search, content management, NoSQL, Hadoop/Spark, and big data analytics. Dale holds an MBA from Santa Clara, and a BA in computer science from Berkeley.

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Getting Real About Real-Time

Dale Kim
by Dale Kim

Many organizations today are looking to gain real-time responsiveness from their IT infrastructure, if not for gaining competitive advantage, then for not getting left behind. It’s not always obvious when your business is doing “well enough,” as you might have consistently positive engagements with your customers, but at the same time, are you doing as […]

In-Memory Computing for All (Ft. Intel Optane)

Dale Kim
by Dale Kim

If you had a choice of processing data in-memory versus not in-memory, all other things being equal, wouldn’t you always choose in-memory? You might not need the higher performance, but if it were available to you, you’d take it because faster is always better than slower, right? It would be wonderful if we lived in […]


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