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Cloud Managed Service

Hazelcast Viridian Services

Hazelcast Viridian cloud managed services are powered by the Hazelcast Platform to help you quickly build fast and reliable real-time applications in the cloud. These services are currently offered in two tiers, Serverless and Dedicated.


Hazelcast Platform

The Hazelcast Platform is a real-time data platform that provides stream processing and in-memory data storage in a single integrated product. Use Hazelcast to build the real-time applications that other technologies cannot deliver.

Hazelcast Viridian Serverless

For a limited time, get a free initial 2 GiB allocation of data. Beyond that, you only pay $0.10 per GiB of data per hour. Hazelcast Viridian Serverless is ideal for dev/test environments, so you can try out your new real-time applications with very low investment.

Hazelcast Viridian Serverless is the self-service, pay-as-you-go version of our cloud managed service. Serverless means there are no servers (or cloud instances) to think about. There’s no up-front sizing planning, or any subsequent growth planning. It just grows automatically as you add more data.

Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated

Request a Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated account to get started on your production-level, real-time deployment. Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated is ideal for continuous, long-running production environments where the workload is generally predictable.

Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated is the contractually licensed version of our cloud managed service. Dedicated means you get specific servers (cloud instances) all to yourself so there’s no risk of disruption from other tenants.

Hazelcast Platform Enterprise

Hazelcast Platform Enterprise is a software platform for building real-time applications. Unlike other technologies that only handle one small part of real-time, Hazelcast provides a true real-time environment that lets you take immediate action on real-time data to respond when the opportunity is still available. It enables this via an integrated package that includes stream processing capabilities and an in-memory data store.

With these two capabilities, you can build applications that deliver real-time responsiveness by avoiding writes to a database, batch processing, and human intervention.

Hazelcast Platform Open Source

We offer the Hazelcast Platform as a free open source edition and as a commercial edition. The open source edition only has community support, while professional technical support is available for the commercial edition.

Embed Hazelcast

If you are a software vendor and you want to embed Hazelcast into your solution, please visit our partner page.

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