Cloud Trust


Data in Motion

Network traffic between the Hazelcast Cluster and clients, can be encrypted using industry-standard TLS encryption (encryption can be enabled or not at cluster creation time as desired). The SSL provider is pluggable; OpenSSL can be configured to provide higher performance than the default Java SSL implementation.

Data at Rest

Snapshot data stored by the Hot Restart store can be encrypted when option is selected by the user.


Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated is a single tenancy solution, with the Hazelcast Cluster connected to your client code via a secure VPC connection (VPC Peering or Private Link on AWS, Virtual Network Peering on Azure, and VPC Network Peering on Google Cloud Platform). Hazelcast does not have access to your data. Data traffic between your cluster and your clients, when hosted on the same cloud provider, never traverses the public internet. You can optionally configure IP whitelists to restrict the addresses from which clients will be permitted to connect to your cluster.

Data Access

Multi-factor authentication is available to secure your Hazelcast Viridian console login. For access to the cloud console, various roles can be assigned (view-only, developer, admin, finance) to restrict what operations a user can perform via the console.


Hazelcast Viridian services will automatically create backup copies (replicas) of your data within the cluster. The number of backup copies, and whether they are created synchronously or asynchronously, is user-configurable. If a node is lost, a backup copy of that node’s data will automatically be activated, and data will be rebalanced as needed across the remaining nodes.

You can also choose to configure WAN replication between Hazelcast clusters to provide disaster recovery in the case of a major outage (such as loss of an entire availability zone). These clusters can be located in different availability zones or different regions within a Cloud Service Provider’s network, or can even be hosted by different Cloud Service Providers.


Hazelcast® respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your Personal Data. We want to be transparent with you about how we collect and use your Personal Data in making available our in-memory computing products, Hazelcast IMDG® and Hazelcast Jet® (“Products”), our platform-as-a-service Hazelcast Viridian services (“PaaS Services” or “Services”), as well as our websites,, and (“Sites”), and tell you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.