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Hazelcast Jet Modernizes Payment Processing, Accelerating Bank Performance and Improving Customer Experience

Payment processing systems allow businesses to take payments for goods and services using credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Payment processing systems check the details received from a merchant by forwarding them to the respective card’s issuing bank or card association for verification, and also carry out a series of anti-fraud measures before settling the transaction.

All of these payment process steps must happen before the transaction can be cleared. Thus, each step involved in the payment processing pipeline requires the lowest possible latency in order to deliver a positive customer experience. With 24/7 global operations and hard SLAs, the resiliency and automatic recovery are a must have. Hazelcast Jet® is an ideal technology for payment processing systems as it offers the lowest end-to-end processing latencies on a consistent basis. This is the result of Jet combining data processing and messaging in a single solution with elastically scalable storage for caching data from 3rd party systems.

Why Most Processing Solutions Fall Short…

Why Hazelcast Jet is Ideal…

As shown in this stream processing benchmark, most processing solutions experience growing latencies as the workload throughput increases. Jet is designed for low latency under the most grueling workloads with latency remaining relatively flat even up to 5,000,000 aggregations per second.
Most data processing solutions rely on 3rd party tools for messaging and storage increasing deployment and maintenance complexity. Jet embeds Hazelcast IMDG®, which provides messaging and storage capabilities in a single solution greatly simplifying deployment and maintenance while lowering TCO.
Traditional solutions for service orchestration are built for single machine/server deployments and cannot be scaled out easily. Jet can be scaled out easily, as it’s built on top of a massively parallel, distributed computing core. It’s designed to scale out.

The elasticity of a Jet cluster allows adding and removing the computing and storage resources with changing processing demand.

Customer Success Story

A global information technology solutions company uses Hazelcast Jet as the backbone framework of their payments management application. Within this application, Jet acts as a processing pipeline for each step of the payment process. The payment management application acts as an orchestrator which analyzes XML payment instructions and forwards them to the respective card’s issuing bank or card association for verification, and also carries out a series of anti-fraud measures against the transaction before settling the payment transaction. Multiple Jet processing jobs are involved as pipeline components. The distributed IMaps of Hazelcast IMDG are used for transaction ingestion and messaging. The high-performance connectors between Jet and IMDG enable low-latency operations. The automatic recovery of the Jet cluster is an important feature to achieve high-availability even during failures. The consistent low latency of the Hazelcast® platform allows the payments management application to keep within the strictest SLA requirements.

This payment management application running on Hazelcast Jet is processing tens of thousands of payments per second today and has built-in scalability with Hazelcast IMDG to support future business growth.

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