Hazelcast Payment Processing Reference Architecture

White Paper

Hazelcast has been deployed in payment processing architectures at some of the largest banks and card processing businesses in the world. Payment processing systems require extremely high throughput rates as well as millisecond-level latencies. By leveraging the Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform, businesses gain a significant performance advantage to successfully process high volumes of transactions. Hazelcast also provides the scalability to easily grow and adapt to changing transaction volumes, which is especially important during heavy purchasing seasons and events with loads that spike well beyond typical levels. In addition, the low latencies made possible by Hazelcast ensure positive customer experience, so consumers will not abandon a purchase.

The Hazelcast Platform comprises two broad capabilities that handle some of the key components in a payment processing architecture. The first is a stream processing engine, Hazelcast Jet, which can process incoming streams of data (i.e., transactions) at real-time speeds. The second is an in-memory data store, Hazelcast IMDG, which stores lookup/historical data in random-access memory (RAM) that helps Jet make decisions whether to approve a transaction and where to route the transaction upon approval. These two capabilities work together to enable high throughput and low latency requirements of the payment processing environment.

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