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We offer Hazelcast IMDG and Hazelcast Jet with different configuration and deployment options to fit your business needs. Click on the buttons below to find the right solution for you. Then compare service options to find the subscription plan that best meets your requirements. Need help deciding? Our sales experts are just a click away. Or call us at +1 (650) 521-5453.

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Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise

Hazelcast Jet Enterprise

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24x7 support, 1hr SLA 24x7 support, 1hr SLA

Quarterly Review of Feature Requests

Quarterly Review of the Hazelcast Roadmap

Email, IM, phone support contacts

30 30

Access to Hot Fix Patches

Simulation of your production Hazelcast profile for upgrade/config change verification

Black Duck Clean IP Report

A Hazelcast node is a JVM on which an instance of Hazelcast is in operation: • There is no charge per CPU or CPU core. • The charge is based on the number of Members (Hazelcast server nodes), including Lite Members. • The minimum cluster size is 3 nodes. Which nodes count as Hazelcast nodes? • The node count is calculated as the number of JVMs that are running a Hazelcast instance. An instance may be run on its own from the command line (server) or started from within an application server (embedded). • It is also possible to run multiple Hazelcast instances in one JVM. Multiple instances running in one JVM count as one node. • A production node or hot-standby node or warm-standby node is a JVM where the Hazelcast software is running. These are counted. • Non-production nodes include cold standby (power is off), or QA, Test and Dev nodes. These are not counted.

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