Hazelcast: Real-Time for Every Business

At Hazelcast, we empower businesses with real-time capabilities, turning data into opportunities.

Our unified real-time data platform combines stream processing and a fast data store for instant action on streaming data.

Our platform automates, streamlines and enhances application data architectures for instant action, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Our customers operate more efficiently with a faster time-to-market and increased ROI. They future-proof their data architectures to scale alongside their organization's growth.

As market-leaders, we champion real-time data's significance and potential, while leading a thriving ecosystem with relentless innovation, making us the favored data partner for companies across industries.

Our Values

At Hazelcast, we are committed to continuous innovation, speed, agility, and a strong bias for action in order to deliver unique and cutting-edge technical products that simplify complexity and empower our users with advanced solutions tailored to their needs.

Bring Passion for Customers

  • Embrace “Customers for Life” philosophy
  • Empathize with customers
  • Focus on their business results

Lead with

  • We innovate, not imitate
  • Unique, cutting edge
  • Technical product, simplified

Engage with Active Curiosity

  • Collaborate and learn together
  • Best ideas take precedence
  • Value the common good over ego
  • Excel and embrace opportunities

Look to
the Future

  • A mirror of our people, product, and company
  • We’re achievers, not bystanders
  • Driven and aspiring


  • Bias for action
  • Agile adaptation
  • Empowered problem-solving

Two-thirds of the world's transactions pass through Hazelcast-powered applications

Our story

Hazelcast's journey began with a vision – to tackle slow response times in business apps. So we built an ultra-fast data store, embraced real-time stream processing and ML inference, and voila! Our unified platform was born.

Our mission? Empower businesses with fast and intelligent data solutions that take instant action, elevate customer experience, boost efficiency, mitigate risks, and unlock new revenue streams.

Our evolution to a unified real-time data platform

Hazelcast was founded in 2012 with a focus on reimagining fast data access. We started by creating the world’s most advanced in-memory data grid (IMDG). During this process we first identified the transformative potential of processing data in real-time, before saving it to a database. Thus began our efforts to develop the first and most functional unified real-time data platform.



Hazelcast introduces an ultra-fast data store for businesses seeking to use time as a competitive advantage.


Hazelcast unveils our real-time stream processing engine for instant action and decision-making, merging it with our high-speed data store to establish the foundation of our unified real-time data platform.


Hazelcast launches our unified real-time data platform, featuring the ability to operationalize machine learning (ML) models to act instantly on non-obvious trends, patterns, signals, and anomalies.

Customer obsession isn't just a word — it's our way of life.

At Hazelcast, we're more than just a technology company – we're obsessed with customers and our developer community. Every line of code we craft, every innovation we make, serves one purpose: to empower and delight you.

Imagine a partner who listens intently, foresees hurdles, and crafts bespoke solutions for triumph. That's us. We don't just meet expectations; we surpass them, fueled by our fixation on turning your vision into reality.

Our commitment transcends products; it's about the journey. In constant dialogue, we learn from you, refining our offerings to match evolving needs. Your voice shapes our future.

Discover the worth of being truly valued – Level up with Hazelcast.

J.P. Morgan
Standard Chartered
Deutsche Bank
BNP Paribas Polska
Sleep Number Labs
Cox Automotive
TD Bank

Meet our leadership team

Kelly Herrell

Kelly Herrell

Chief Executive Officer

Karen Smith

Karen Smith

Chief Revenue Officer

Adrian Soars

Adrian Soars

Chief Technology Officer

Jakki Geiger

Jakki Geiger

Chief Marketing Officer

Tamzyn Furse

Tamzyn Furse

Chief People Officer

Eric Bochner

Eric Bochner

Chief Legal Officer VP, Corporate Development

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

VP of Global Operations

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