Hazelcast Platform

Our self-managed platform offers total control and unparalleled performance.

Build applications that take action instantly on streaming data

Hazelcast Platform is a downloadable version of our unified real-time data platform. Combining a powerful stream processing engine and high-speed data storage within one runtime, it efficiently manages real-time streaming data, conducts analysis alongside historical data, and facilitates instant action.

It can be deployed where you need it, whether on-premises, at the edge, or in a cloud.


events/sec with ms latency


streaming data sources

Hazelcast Unified Real-Time Data Platform

Unified architecture at the core.

Our platform’s strength is its core engine, which combines a stream processing engine and fast data store. It easily merges data-in-motion and historical data to uncover hidden insights, including with machine learning models, to deliver instant action.

Stream processing for instant action.

Real-time data in motion requires immediate processing, and Hazelcast Platform provides the capability to act first before storing data.

Fast data store for request/response applications.

End-user, interactive applications need fast reads and writes of data, and Hazelcast Platform is proven to deliver ultra-fast data access.

Additional Features of Hazelcast Platform

WAN Replication

Enable your disaster recovery and geo-distribution plans

Keep multiple clusters in sync over the internet, and benefit from Automatic Disaster Recovery Failover, redirecting applications to secondary clusters without manual intervention. Embrace hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments, ensuring consistency and enabling geographic distribution strategies.

High-Density Memory Store

Store more data per node while avoiding garbage collection disruptions

Effortlessly store large amounts of in-memory data without concerns about disruptive garbage collection pauses that affect business SLAs. Enjoy consistent and predictable latencies for optimal performance.

Security Suite

Protect your data from unauthorized access.

Leverage the industry-standard Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) for role-based access controls, plus TLS encryption to protect data transmissions between nodes and applications.

Speed up ROI with fast, flexible deployment options


Hazelcast Platform

Total control, unparalleled performance, and seamless scalability.

Managed Service

Hazelcast Viridian Cloud

Easy, secure, and the fastest way to get started with a unified real-time data platform.

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