Hazelcast Platform

The Real-Time Intelligent Applications Platform

  • Take Faster, More Intelligent Action using Machine Learning
  • Build Applications That Take Action Immediately
  • Eliminate Data Silos

Take Faster, More Intelligent Action using Machine Learning

Real-time decision-making and action-taking lets businesses agilely adapt to new events and changing business conditions. More and more companies are looking to machine learning (ML) to enable them to react more intelligently to new data. Machine learning algorithms can be built using vast amounts of historical data to accurately predict what will likely happen given trends and correlations of the past. But many companies are facing challenges taking full advantage of those ML algorithms. For best effect, they need to be able to run quickly and automatically based on real-time streaming data, not have to wait until data is landed in a database somewhere downstream.

Hazelcast’s platform gives you the ability to operationalize your ML algorithms to allow its real-time decision-making to be even more intelligent and its action-taking even more effective.

Make Decisions and Take Action Immediately

Real-time data gives you an opportunity to understand the most current state of the world and to take immediate action on it. But you need the right tools to be able to take advantage of that opportunity. You need to be able to take real-time streaming data in, make sense of it in historical context, decide what best business action would be and take it. We call that an informed action – taking action on a decision made based on real-time data in the context of insights from rich, historical data.

Hazelcast combines a modern stream processing engine (for making real-time decisions and taking action) with a fast data store (for contextual historical data) to allow you to do both with a single platform.

At scale. No need to combine multiple components and worry about how to get them all to play together and keep them playing together through your typical IT business challenges like software failures, security patching, and other maintenance tasks that keep your devops people up at night.

Hazelcast enables optimal real-time decision-making and action-taking through its two-in-one platform. It can:

Integrate Streams

Integrate multiple live data streams of any scale, including remote applications, devices, and message brokers with historical and operational data to add greater context for decisions.

Run Queries

Efficiently run thousands of queries over billions of live events.

Take Action

Take actions like sending alerts, denying fraudulent transactions, sending marketing offers, and more, all in real time.

Store Data

Store indexed data in a fast data store for real-time drill-down analytics.

Hot Data Layer

You know what your important, or “hot” data is – it is the data that is most needed by your business applications and your users, and so the most used data. Getting to that data quickly and easily is a challenge at many companies due to complex data landscapes with many disparate data silos. Bridging those silos is very important for your business but it can be difficult.

A Hot Data Layer is a way of giving your applications and users immediate, unencumbered access to the data they need, when they need it. Some companies call this layer an operational data store or a digital integration hub. Both can be considered implementations of a hot data layer.