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Our platform lets you build the fastest applications. Access a scalable, shared pool of RAM across a cluster of computers.


The industry's most comprehensive
in-memory computing platform

The fastest in-memory data grid, combined with third-generation
high-speed event processing, delivered through the cloud.

Hazelcast IMDG

in-memory data grid

Hazelcast Jet

In-memory Stream Processing

Hazelcast Cloud

On-demand Managed Service

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public class FirstMapExample {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		HazelcastInstance hz = Hazelcast.newHazelcastInstance();
		Map<String, String> employees = hz.getReplicatedMap("employees");
	    employees.put("1", "emp1");
	    employees.put("2", "emp2");
	    employees.put("3", "emp3");
	    employees.put("4", "emp4");
	    employees.put("5", "emp5");
	    System.out.println("Total number of employees " + employees.size());

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Warning: Do Not Read If You Can’t Code

Do you understand this block of code? If not, you may skip this section. For you developers, we want to share some of the features of Hazelcast that make it easy for you to just code:

  • Client library support for the most popular programming languages
  • APIs with familiar constructs that leverage the data structures and design patterns you already use
  • Packaged as a small Jar file for easy development on your laptop
  • Open source editions to get started right away
  • Cool features like the CP Subsystem to make consistency guarantees (for distributed semaphores, distributed counters, etc.), and Entry Processors to simplify parallel processing across the cluster

Hazelcast Partners


Intel and Hazelcast jointly optimize in-memory computing solutions; Intel hardware uniquely accelerates Hazelcast software, making Intel and Hazelcast truly better together. Hazelcast’s strategic co-engineering and co-innovation collaboration with Intel is designed to accelerate the performance of real-time applications, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of things (IoT) solutions for enterprises.


Migrating applications where low latency is not a requirement is often the starting point for enterprise cloud migration strategies. There is, however, a general hesitation in migrating mission-critical and time-sensitive applications to the cloud when low latency is a high priority. This hesitancy is due to concerns around regional availability and inconsistent hardware from one cloud provider to another when employing a multi-cloud strategy.

To solve this problem, Hazelcast and IBM have announced a joint initiative to:

  • Create new cloud-native applications
  • Modernize and optimize existing applications
  • Open up enterprise data centers to work with cloud services

  • Free Hazelcast Online Training Center

    Whether you're interested in learning the basics of in-memory systems, or you're looking for advanced, real-world production examples and best practices, we've got you covered.