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Accelerate Business Outcomes with Real-Time Stream Processing

Hazelcast Named a Market Leader in GigaOm Radar Report for Streaming Data Platforms

Real-time. Real results.

No matter your industry, you have real-time needs.

  • Accelerating product and application innovations.
  • Increasing conversions.
  • Improving user experience.
  • Decreasing time-to-market.
  • Predicting maintenance issues.
  • Improving business effectiveness with data.
  • Modernizing IT systems.
  • Reducing fraud.
  • Improving payment processing speed and accuracy.
  • Monitoring trades, portfolios, and exposures.

Hazelcast has helped companies do all of those things and more.

Enabling real-time actions for
innovative companies of all sizes, around the globe

Streamline. Automate. Enhance.

Your IT systems are running as fast as they can but they still can’t keep up with your business’s data demands. Your systems need help.

Hazelcast enables you to streamline your data processing so you can take action on data in real-time. Those key actions can be automated to allow them to work quickly enough that real-time is no longer just a dream. And we can often do this by augmenting your existing systems for enhanced functionality and performance, letting you keep your current applications doing what they were designed to do…only better and faster.

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“In the streaming data space, it’s almost impossible to find a single platform that handles data preparation, reference data enrichment, streaming data processing, low latent storage, and machine learning inferences while supporting a handful of stream processing engines. Hazelcast is the rare vendor able to provide this functionality, and more, in a single solution.”
Jelani Harper, GigaOm Analyst

Hazelcast is used by

of Global 500

of top 10 banks

of top 10 eCommerce companies

of top 10 telecom companies

BNP Paribas

“When we started, we didn’t know if the system could support the different types of business logic and the expected campaign volumes for this to be a viable effort. But it was easy and relatively cheap to get started to see how the software could work. And we obtained good results, as the offer conversion rate is 4 times higher than before and the campaigns are profitable.”

Enterprise Architect

BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

Top 3 American Retailer

“For applications having a use case of dealing with high velocity updates (like the inventory use case for our ecommerce platform), Hazelcast technology is apt and it has out of box features that can be leveraged to avoid oversell or undersell inventory situations.”

Vice President IT, Architecture & Technology

Top 3 American Retailer

HPD Lendscape

“The good thing about Hazelcast is it just works.”

Head of Engineering

HPD Lendscape

Available on major cloud marketplaces.

Hazelcast supports multi- and hybrid-cloud deployments.

Hazelcast optimizes your investment in

KafkaApache Kafka + Hazelcast

Get more out of your Apache Kafka investment.

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Take informed action to grow your business

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Future-proof your IT infrastructure

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