Hazelcast Technical Support

The Right Level of Support for Your Business

Hazelcast® offers three different support subscription levels depending on the requirements of your business:

Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise HD

Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise

Hazelcast IMDG Professional Support

Support Window Service-level Agreement 24×7 support window, 1hr Service-Level Agreement 24×7 support window, 1hr Service-Level Agreement 24×7 support window, 4hr Service-Level Agreement
Quarterly Review of Feature Requests
Quarterly Review of the Hazelcast Roadmap
Email, IM, phone support contacts 30 30 5
Hazelcast Production Assurance for Initial Deployment/Change Control with Hazelcast Simulator
Hot Fix Patches
IP Compliance Assurance with Black Duck® Protex™


  • HD = Hazelcast Enterprise HD
  • E = Hazelcast Enterprise
  • P = Hazelcast Professional Support

Hazelcast’s Unique Support Offering

Hazelcast support is provided by our world class team of solution architects. Every technical support interaction is directly with a solution architect ensuring swift resolution of your issue with minimal back and forth – and no administrative middlemen.

Hazelcast provides world class technical support and service in three different subscription levels tailored to meet your business and operational needs.

In addition we uniquely offer Hazelcast Production Assurance with Hazelcast Simulator and IP Compliance Assurance with Black Duck.

Hazelcast Production Assurance for Initial Deployment/Change Control with Hazelcast Simulator

Hazelcast uniquely offers production simulation of your Hazelcast environment. This includes hardware, virtualisation. operating system, java vendor and version and Hazelcast configuration, feature usage, topology, sizing and load.

Hazelcast support includes assistance with ongoing simulation and testing of your Hazelcast platform and deployed applications using Hazelcast Simulator. Simulate the expected throughput/latency of Hazelcast with your specific requirements during the pre-production phase of your deployment. Test if Hazelcast behaves as expected when implementing new functionality, load characteristics or expansion of your deployment. Standardize your application deployment process with a battery of rigorous tests that we will run for you before initial deployment and on each upgrade.

Hazelcast Simulator is controlled by a simple configuration properties file which we will share with you in case you wish to add Hazelcast Simulator to your own test processes and also to maintain your profile for quick responsiveness to support and consulting requests.

Hot Fix Patches

In addition to getting regular open source patch releases, Hazelcast support subscriptions provide customers with Hot Fix patches. Hot Fix patches are a special release of Hazelcast software dedicated to addressing your specific reported issue. They are made to the exact version of Hazelcast that you are running with only the specific bug fix applied.

We then perform Hazelcast Production Assurance with a long production simulation using Hazelcast Simulator with a hardware, operating system and Hazelcast configuration as equivalent as possible to your own using your Hazelcast Simulator Profile. Hot Fix Patches can thus be applied to your production system with no or minimal testing, relying on our testing. We also go red before we go green – reproducing your issue on Simulator first before creating a fix. This way you and we have great confidence the issue is resolved by the Hot Fix.

IP Compliance Assurance with Black Duck® Protex™

Black Duck Code Label

Every Hazelcast customer can rest assured knowing all the license obligations, conflicts and risks of Hazelcast open source with Black Duck® Protex™ reporting. Poor open source compliance can expose you to costly, time-consuming risks, including litigation and loss of IP. Black Duck Protex is the industry’s leading solution for managing open source license compliance. Protex integrates with existing development tools to automatically scan, identify, and inventory open source software, allowing you to understand license obligations, conflicts and risks. This enables you to mitigate these risks by enforcing license compliance and corporate policy requirements.