Hazelcast Heroes

Hazelcast Heroes are valuable members of the Hazelcast Developer Community, enhancing our ecosystem with their impactful contributions. These contributions may include new features, bug fixes, documentation improvements, blog posts, live streams, user group talks, event presentations, or providing assistance to others within the Hazelcast Developer Community.

Meet the Hazelcast Heroes

Martin W. Kirst

Berlin, Germany


Piotr Jasina

Lublin, Poland


Lenny Primak



Tomasz Gawęda

Wrocław, Poland


Mat Johns


Alwyn Tan



Anil Desai (A.K.Desai)



Ippei Matsushima (kazuhira)


Denis Sukhoroslov

Russian Federation


Tim Peierls



Why become a Hazelcast Hero?

Being a Hazelcast Hero is a great professional development opportunity for everyone who loves Hazelcast and our Open Source Software projects. Being a Hazelcast Hero is a great way to stay informed about Hazelcast's latest features, get sneak peeks of upcoming releases, have a direct line with our Developer Relations team and get recognized by the Hazelcast Developer Community, as well as on our social media platforms.

You can be a Hero!

Hazelcast's foundations are built in Open Source Software. We believe that releasing software under an Open Source license improves security and reliability. Furthermore, the Open Source model allows everyone to contribute. If you’re interested in helping us improve the Hazelcast developer ecosystem, our Developer Relations team would be very happy to help you do so. Contributions include, but are in no way limited to code. You can:

  • Write a post or publish a video
  • Host live streams
  • Start a meetup group
  • Improve the Hazelcast developer documentation
  • Create issues or feature requests
  • Help fellow users in our different support channels

Everything that makes the ecosystem is fair game! If you engage in our community, we would like to recognize that investment and officially acknowledge you as a Hazelcast Hero.

Your rewards

We know that contribution takes a significant time to do properly. For this reason, we would like to officially acknowledge this investment with the following rewards:

  • Hazelcast-related swag
  • Electronic Hazelcast badge
  • Your own ID card displayed in our Hall of Heroes. We’ll make sure to mention your nomination on our Hazelcast social media channels
  • A privileged access channel to our Product Managers
  • Insight into our Product Roadmap
  • Invitation to our Hazelcast meetups and partner conferences
  • Coaching and reviewing how to improve your Hazelcast-related content, blog posts, conference and meetup talks, as well as videos
  • Early access to Hazelcast products

How to become a Hazelcast Hero

You can either nominate yourself or nominate someone else. To apply for yourself or others, contact the Developer Relations team with the form. Please include a description of the contribution made by yourself or the person you're applying for. Consider these things as you apply:

  • How do you use Hazelcast?
  • Why do you want to become a Hazelcast Hero?
  • Your social media links: Twitter, LinkedIn, Github
  • Anything else you would like to include?

Nominate a Hazelcast Hero

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