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Accelerating One of the Most Sophisticated Automated Railway Scheduling Systems in Europe

The Swiss Federal Railways accelerates data access in their sophisticated train scheduling system.  

BNP Paribas Bank Polska (Real-Time Processing)

BNP Paribas Bank Polska increases revenue through real-time offers driven by specific customer needs.  

BNP Paribas Bank Polska (Data Layer)

BNP Paribas Bank Polska accelerates internet/ mobile applications with Hazelcast as a fast data layer that minimizes load on the backend system.  

Leading Retailer

This leading retailer operates several types of stores in both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce models. It has a global presence with billions of dollars of revenue. The company has a massive, distributed IT team that helps it compete in today’s data-driven economy. It leverages a wide variety of technologies to keep operations running smoothly to serve its hundreds of millions of customers.


Credorax is a NextGen smart payments provider and fully licensed acquiring bank providing cross-border processing for e-commerce and omni-channel payments.


Swedbank is a large banking group based in Stockholm that offers retail banking, asset management, and other services for over 7 million customers.


With around 12 million insured vehicles, HUK-COBURG is the largest car insurer in Germany, with over 10,000 employees, 12.36 million customers, 660 customer service offices, and 38 branch offices. In addition to auto insurance, the company offers legal protection insurance, life, pension, accident, occupational disability, private health, house/residential building, and liability insurance.


Airbus Defence and Space is a division of Airbus responsible for defense and aerospace products and services. One of the exciting space projects that the division works on is the sounding rocket program TEXUS for microgravity research.

Tier 1 Credit Card Provider

With a swipe of a credit card, this Tier 1 US provider is on the clock to render a decision. Since most of the SLA is consumed in transit, the provider typically has one second to match the account info, check available balance, and determine if it could be a fraudulent charge. To “buy more time,” this provider deployed Hazelcast in-memory technologies to add fraud detection algorithms and still meet its SLAs.