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Upcoming Events

Manchester JUG: Neil Stevenson on Hazelcast for the Cloud

January 26, 2017 @ 6:30pm-9:00pmLocation on

Topic: Hazelcast for the cloud, with Spring Boot, Atomist and Eureka Speaker: Neil Stevenson “The main focus of this talk will be a whirlwind introduction to Hazelcast, an open-source Java-based in-memory data-grid. I’ll do a live demo to show you how easy it is to get going with simple and familiar Java items such as […]

Paris Evening Cocktail Gathering

February 8, 2017 @ 19:00-21:00Hôtel Pullman Paris Centre Bercy, 1 rue de Libourne, 75012 Paris

About this Event Join us for an Evening Cocktail Gathering with the CEO of KISS Tech and the CEO of Hazelcast. Hear how a hotel industry major client assisted by KISS Tech expertise underwent a digital transformation, moving the most critical business function for a Hotel company – Hotel and Room Availability – from a […]

Devnexus – Chris Engelbert and Viktor Gamov talk Java

February 22, 2017-February 24, 2017Atlanta, GA

Speaking Sessions: Title: A Post-Apocalyptic sun.misc.Unsafe World Christoph Engelbert Thursday, February 23 at 2:30 PM – 3:34 PM – Room A405 The announcement that sun.misc.Unsafe will disappear in Java 9 created a huge buzz in the community and lots of people didn’t agree with the idea. While Unsafe have to go away eventually, the time […]