The Hazelcast Viridian Cloud Managed Services

Simplify the development and deployment of real-time applications.

Check out this video by Charles Harris, Hazelcast Cloud Solutions Architect, to learn more about how to easily get started for free with the self-service cloud-managed service, Hazelcast Viridian Serverless.

What are Hazelcast Viridian services?

A cloud managed service based on the Hazelcast Platform, a software technology that lets you build applications that collect, filter, transform, enrich, analyze, and deliver data. The stream processing engine reads data as soon as it is created, then creates meaningful context by enriching that data with reference data held in its in-memory store, and then takes action on that data before the data is delivered to another downstream platform.

Taking action on data: a use case

Real-time is essential for fraud detection and prevention for credit card transactions. As data on the purchase is collected, it is enriched with information about the merchant and the buyer, and then is sent to a fraud detection algorithm. The algorithm is typically created via machine learning (ML), and Hazelcast provides an easy-to-use framework for efficiently calling and updating ML algorithms (aka ML models). When a fraud score is returned from the ML model, the Hazelcast application can return an “approved” or “declined” message, while also saving the transaction data for future analysis. All of this must be done in real-time, or else any fraudulent transactions will not be detected or prevented.

Why Hazelcast Viridian Services?

Companies are moving more to the cloud to simplify their IT infrastructure management

The Hazelcast Viridian cloud managed services are driven by a software technology that enables real-time responsiveness in business applications.

Hazelcast Viridian cloud managed services simplifies infrastructure by offering cloud managed services in dedicated and serverless configurations to suit your deployment needs.

Systems with real-time responsiveness help businesses gain greater competitive advantage

We provide a technology that addresses the difficulty of delivering real-time responsiveness in today’s infrastructures. Our data platform uniquely integrates a data-in-motion processing engine (aka, event stream processing engine) with an ultra-fast in-memory data store. This integrated package simplifies the work required to build applications that immediately respond to opportunities captured in your data.

How is this different from other real-time data platforms? The attainment of a real-time business involves more than just loading a database quickly to let human analysts run queries. And you cannot rely on batch-oriented or storage-focused systems to deliver real-time results. You need a platform that lets you deploy applications that automatically take action on the trends, patterns, and anomalies captured in your data. And you need that platform to be simple to manage in the cloud.

Key Advantages of Hazelcast Viridian Services


The speed of our software translates into extreme efficiency, which means you spend less for resources. Read about our “billion events per second” benchmark.


As your workloads grow (or shrink), we have you covered with seamless scalability that ensures continuous operation.


We provide several levels of fault tolerance to ensure 24/7 operation.


Hazelcast experts manage the infrastructure for you, freeing you to focus on your business.


Data protection via a full suite of security controls ensure your data is safe.

Choose the edition that’s right for you

Hazelcast Viridian Serverless

Hazelcast Viridian Serverless is ideal for dev/test environments so that you can try out your new real-time applications with a very low investment.

Hazelcast Viridian Serverless is the self-service, pay-as-you-go version of our cloud managed service. Serverless means there are no servers (or cloud instances) to think about. There’s no up-front sizing planning or any subsequent growth planning. It just grows automatically as you add more data.

Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated

Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated is the contractually licensed version of our cloud managed service. Dedicated means you get specific servers (cloud instances) all to yourself, so there’s no risk of disruption from other tenants.

Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated is ideal for continuous, long-running production environments where the workload is generally predictable.

Getting Started with Hazelcast Viridian Serverless

Check out this video by Charles Harris, Hazelcast Cloud Solutions Architect, to learn more about how to easily get started for free with the self-service cloud-managed service, Hazelcast Viridian Serverless.

Use Cases

Fraud detection and prevention systems today typically combine machine learning and artificial intelligence logic with a set of rules to predict whether a given activity/transaction is legitimate or fraudulent. The systems not only have to stop fraud, but also have to minimize false positives so that legitimate transactions are not inadvertently flagged as fraudulent.

One way to create more accurate fraud prevention systems is to simultaneously run multiple detection models that lead to a composite score that can predict fraud at a higher success rate. This adds a competitive advantage by reducing losses from fraud and increasing revenue with fewer false positives. But this approach requires significant speed that can be achieved efficiently only with in-memory processing.

Many customers today run fraud checks at high speed on Hazelcast. As they and other companies look to the cloud, they can continue to use Hazelcast to run high throughput, low latency, and reliable fraud detection.

Payment processing requires reading an incoming stream of transaction data, validating the transactions, then directing the data to the most efficient payment gateway. As more and more consumers turn to new ways to make payments, the transaction load will continue to grow quickly.

This growth in data load requires a high-performance foundation that can handle load spikes and high ongoing volume, with a high level of reliability. Hazelcast provides the functionality to process payments in its in-memory store and handles an incoming, real-time stream of transaction data with its stream processing capabilities.

Today’s microservices need to access an external data store for saving state and looking up relevant data. Since the simple, streamlined model of microservices can often add higher performance to a system, an extremely fast data store is necessary to fully take advantage of microservice performance.

Unlike disk-based data stores that can become the bottleneck for microservices, Hazelcast uses RAM for data storage and enables high-speed data access. Hazelcast can also be used as an in-memory publish/subscribe platform for exchanging messages between microservices in a fast and reliable way.

Risk management comes in many forms, and some of the more complex risk analysis models can entail billions of calculations that assess the many possibilities of how a large transaction can be impacted by future uncertainty.

Hazelcast can be used as a big pool of memory to do extensive parallel processing to do number-crunching for risk models in a Monte Carlo simulation framework. As more data is needed, more cloud instances can be added to grow the memory pool.

Customers stream into your business millions of times per day and expect a personalized, thoughtful, and fast experience. When a few seconds means the difference between a sale and abandonment, speed matters more than ever.

Hazelcast can act as a fast, central repository for customer data coming in from many different sources to help businesses get a more complete picture of customers. Using in-memory speed, this data can be shared in real-time with customer service agents who directly interact with customers to provide the level of service they expect.

Two key characteristics of Internet of Things data are the continuous flow and the many distinct data sources. This generally results in a large volume of fast-moving data. And since by definition these “things” are operating in a real-world environment, real-time responsiveness is a critical requirement.

Hazelcast provides the speed and scale to handle the large volumes of data that Internet of Things analytics requires. With its real-time processing capabilities, it can analyze the data individually and collectively to uncover insights that traditional analytical processes would likely miss.

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