Technical Account Management Service

Get access to a dedicated technical advocate who’s with you every step of the way.

Subscribe to our Technical Account Management (TAM) service to ensure that you have a dedicated customer advocate for your enterprise and your unique business requirements.

Maximize your ROI in Hazelcast’s In-Memory Computing Platform (IMCP) both now and in the future. By signing up for our Hazelcast Technical Account Management subscription-based service, you’ll get access to a dedicated customer advocate who will ensure that you can effectively and successfully leverage Hazelcast IMCP, Hazelcast Jet, and Hazelcast IMDG technology offerings. As your business and technical requirements evolve, your Technical Account Manager (TAM) will be on hand to provide proactive and ongoing strategic account management, technology enablement, and ongoing technology adoption assistance.

As the program and technical point of contact between you and Hazelcast, your TAM will:

  • Provide dedicated customer advocacy for your enterprise and your unique business requirements
  • Coordinate the planning and installation process
  • Provide vertical market and IMCP subject matter expertise
  • Work at a cross-functional level to connect you into the Hazelcast ecosystem
  • Schedule regular interactions, site visits, and webinars to integrate you more closely with Hazelcast expertise
  • Have in-depth knowledge of your apps and services, your architecture, and your current and future use cases and how they leverage Hazelcast products
  • Ensure roadmap alignment as well as efficiencies in operations
  • Perform integrated change control
  • Ensure rapid problem identification and triage

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