A Serverless Deployment for Real-Time Infrastructure

Dale Kim | Jul 28, 2022

Hazelcast has launched the next chapter in its journey to make real-time capabilities even easier for customers to deploy, with its new cloud-managed service offering, the Hazelcast Viridian serverless data platform. This new service simplifies IT deployments more so than ever by eliminating the up-front planning for sizing and configuration (i.e., no servers to think about) that is otherwise required for… well, “serverful” architectures.

Our Approach

This new release is another step in helping Hazelcast customers more easily achieve their important technology and business goals that are driven by data. And you can think of Hazelcast as having a two-pronged approach to helping their customers. As alluded to above, simplifying the deployment effort is one part, and the other important part is providing an innovative real-time data platform that adds capabilities that other technologies were not built to handle.

The aforementioned second part is important because businesses today are turning to their IT teams more than ever to add greater competitive advantage via digital transformation. One critical objective in such initiatives entails the delivery of real-time capabilities to respond faster to customers and capitalize on business opportunities. But with so many IT systems built around batch-oriented technologies, companies struggle to gain real-time capabilities with their existing IT infrastructure. This should not be surprising, because after all, most systems were not built to keep up with the fast data workloads that are inherent in real-time operations. That is why they are run in batch – to wait for a time, like at the end of the day, when data creation is temporarily paused which reduces the overall workload so the collected data can be processed.

“Real-Time” is Hard with the Wrong Technologies

In the past, businesses that pursued real-time capabilities with existing infrastructure ended up with significant compromises. One is reduced business efficiency, in which companies spend more on human and technology resources than expected to try to address the bottlenecks that cause slow responsiveness. Another is the deliberate dismissal of innovation—that is, setting a lower bar for business capabilities, because of the perceived costs and effort to deliver on grander visions.

Businesses are realizing that the implementation of technologies that were specifically built to handle real-time responsiveness can help them deliver on their real-time aspirations. That’s where Hazelcast fits in. With the Hazelcast Platform, businesses can deploy high-powered business applications that process data in real time and take action as soon as the data is created to get a jump on fleeting opportunities as they arise. This is accomplished by combining a stream processing engine that acts on real-time data in motion, with an tiered in-memory data store that provides extremely fast access to data.

Big Trends to Consider

Companies cannot pursue real-time operations without also considering two other long-running, data-focused trends. The first is the migration of on-premises systems onto the cloud. This trend is evidenced by the ongoing rapid growth of cloud vendors, as more companies take advantage of the agility and flexibility of public cloud deployments. Alongside that trend is the growth of cloud-managed services, as more businesses are looking to further simplify the management of their IT infrastructure. Businesses see a huge benefit from a cloud-managed service model since it allows putting more resources into creating business value and less on maintaining infrastructure.

Sign Up for Beta Access Today

The Hazelcast Viridian serverless data platform includes the power of the Hazelcast Platform as the foundational technology in the cloud-managed service, along with the simplified implementation model of a serverless deployment. You now get a technology built for adding real-time capabilities, available as a cloud-managed service, in an easy-to-get-started deployment. For a closer look, sign up here to participate in the beta implementation and watch this video on getting started with running applications on this service. Serverless is great for all types of deployments (test/dev/prod), and you can get started for free with a 2 GiB allocation of data storage. Licensing is billed per hour per GiB, but you can get a discount on an annual commitment

That’s all for now and stay tuned as we continue expanding our cloud capabilities to better enable real-time businesses.

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Dale Kim

Sr. Director, Technical Solutions

Dale Kim is the senior director of technical solutions at Hazelcast, and is responsible for product and go-to-market strategy for the real-time stream processing platform and the Viridian cloud-managed services. His background includes technical and management roles at IT companies in areas such as relational databases, search, content management, NoSQL, Hadoop/Spark, and big data analytics. Dale holds an MBA from Santa Clara, and a BA in computer science from Berkeley.