In-Memory Data Grid

In today's high-speed, time-is-money world, Hazelcast moves the needle.


The operational in-memory solution to today's digital challenges

When speed, scalability, stability, and security are critical, Hazelcast delivers.

An in-memory data grid (IMDG) is a system that links together computers so they can share random-access memory (RAM) and work together in parallel to collectively process large data sets stored in that shared pool of RAM. An IMDG is used for building large-scale, parallelized, data processing applications that need to be very fast. In many modern data platforms today, disk I/O is the bottleneck, so an IMDG removes that limitation to significantly accelerate job/application performance. An IMDG is a low-level use case upon which multiple task-specific applications are built. Example applications built on IMDGs include simulations, payment processing systems, e-commerce engines, etc.

Why use an IMDG over an in-memory database (IMDB)? An in-memory database (IMDB) focuses on data storage, while an IMDG is about processing, and keeps data structures readily available in an application to enable high-speed, parallel processing. An IMDG simplifies application development since you have all data at your disposal, unlike an IMDB which requires you to read some data, process it, then write it back. The IMDB model restricts the amount of processing you can do since the application memory space is limited to the node on which the application is running.

Hazelcast gives you:

Unmatched Speed

If high throughput and low latency results in quantifiable value for you, Hazelcast gives you the performance to get the most out of your system.

Elastic Scalability

Scale up quickly when your load spikes, then scale down as resources are no longer required. This flexibility lets you efficiently meet load demands.


You face huge opportunity costs when your high-speed systems are down. Hazelcast provides built-in business continuity capabilities to ensure your system keeps running.


Your high-speed systems have data that must be protected from unauthorized access. Hazelcast provides authentication, authorization, end encryption to secure your data.


Hazelcast Platform is easy to work with and brings a highly resilient and elastic memory resource to all of your applications. At its core, Hazelcast Platform is one of the most widely adopted open source solutions, with tens of thousands of installed clusters and millions of server starts per day. On top of this popular open source platform, upgraded support offers licensed features for large-scale deployments. Now you can free your data from slow, expensive, and hard-to-scale relational data sources. With Hazelcast, your database remains the system of record, but bottlenecks disappear.

Drive performance to new levels

Exceed Expectations

Impress technical and business users (and your customers) with instant response times to complex event processing requirements.

Meet Burst Requirements

Millions of people or devices hitting your system at the same time, and all expecting an instant response? This is exactly what an IMDG is designed to handle, and Hazelcast is the industry leader for in-memory solutions.

Improved Performance

Scale and improve your performance elastically, reducing hardware requirements and driving operational efficiency.

2 terabytes

Customer data stored in-memory

Gain an immediate, holistic and actionable view of your customers

1.2 microseconds

Maximum application latency

Get time-critical information the instant you need it

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