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A Business Level Perspective on In-Memory Computing: In-Memory Grid vs In-Memory Database


Your business operates in an environment with constantly evolving technology. For business and IT leaders, it can be overwhelming to keep up with new developments and determine what is critical to implement immediately, and what technologies can or should wait. In-memory technologies are becoming pervasive and have a direct and indirect effect on how a business operates.

In-Memory Databases (IMDB) and In-Memory Data Grids (IMDG) are two technologies that address real-time computing and big data needs without having to start over with an entirely new set of IT systems. While they may sound similar, the differences are significant and understanding your options will help you make better decisions. Hazelcast has created a new whitepaper that discusses these technologies and the respective implications.

This Whitepaper features:

  • Differences between an IMDG and IMDB
  • Business use cases for real-time data processing