Use Cases

360° Customer View

The speed of in-memory solutions can drive your customer's experience to a new level of complete engagement through a fully-integrated perspective enabled by Machine Learning and powered by Artificial Intelligence.

In-memory computing platforms provide the framework for a comprehensive, real-time view of your customers.

Customers stream into your business millions of times per day and expect a personalized, thoughtful, and fast experience. When a few seconds means the difference between a sale and abandonment, speed matters more than ever.


Speed is never more important than when a customer is waiting, and today's one-click-away consumer requires immediate results from your information infrastructure, particularly when dealing with complex transactions.


The only thing worse than keeping a customer waiting is keeping thousands waiting. Scaling up instantly in response to unexpected demand is a core enabler of in-memory technology. Don't just make one customer happy, make them all happy.


Stability in the face of massive demand separates companies that thrive from those who become cautionary tales. Our distributed in-memory technologies ensure a fast, stable solution regardless of how much demand there is for your products.


Trust takes years to build, yet can vanish in an instant; nobody wants to have to apologize to their customers about a data breach. Security permeates everything we do at Hazelcast; we know how critical this is to you and your customers.

Keep your customers happy and engaged with Hazelcast's in-memory advantage

The hardest thing to acquire, and the easiest to lose, are customers. Today's consumers are always-on, always engaged, very vocal, and driven by a whole different level of expectations. Today's businesses are expected to have a complete view of all facets of a customer's engagement, including purchase history, customer service interactions, existing product and service configurations, influencer status, etc.

The most demanding companies (with the most demanding customers) have seen their business models and speed of innovation dramatically transformed through the application of in-memory solutions from Hazelcast. Are high-speed, complex transactions at scale your requirement? Then we're your solution.

Drive customer satisfaction and engagement to new levels.

Raise the bar

If it takes your competitors minutes to respond, and you do it in seconds, with whom do you think people are going to want to do business? Hazelcast can noticeably move the needle.

Keep them all happy

Keeping one customer happy is easy. Keeping thousands of them happy at the same time? Not so easy. Unless you’re a Hazelcast customer. Then it’s not only easy, but you also have time to improve other areas of the customer experience.

Enable trust

Trust is the core of any business interaction. Hazelcast delivers the speed, stability, and security that not only drives trust but exceeds the expectations of the most demanding companies on a global scale.

2 terabytes
Customer data stored in-memory
Zero delay in transaction processing

1.2 microseconds
Maximum application latency
Improved customer experience

Hazelcast enables a true, real-time 360° customer view.

Most businesses have a multi-layered and complex relationship with their customers. They buy highly configurable products or services, sometimes through a subscription, and delivered across a broad range of devices and formats. Businesses have historically stored this information across a variety of silos; one for finance, another for customer service, a third for ordering, etc. Moving all this information into in-memory makes it instantly accessible. Expanding it through inbound data managed by in-memory stream processing further enables immediate access to all relevant touchpoints for a true real-time 360° customer view.

Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform

The leading in-memory solution to drive innovative customer engagement.

Hazelcast Platform

The Hazelcast Platform is a software technology that unifies transactional, operational, and analytical workloads by combining stream processing with in-memory computing. Hazelcast is the fastest solution for merging real-time streaming and historical data from any sources.

In-memory data grids are designed to provide high-availability and scalability by distributing data across multiple machines. Hazelcast enriches applications by providing capabilities to quickly process, store, and access data with the speed of RAM.

The platform also leverages an application embeddable, distributed stream processing platform for building IoT and microservices-based applications. The Hazelcast architecture is high-performance and low-latency-driven, based on a parallel, distributed core engine enabling data-intensive applications to operate at real-time speeds.

Hazelcast Cloud

The benefits of moving to the cloud are well known and applicable to virtually every industry. Hazelcast offers our customers the flexibility to deploy to the cloud on their terms, whether it's a dedicated cloud, on-premise cloud, hybrid cloud, or private cloud.

In-Memory Store and Cache

High-Density Memory Store adds the ability for Hazelcast Enterprise to store very large amounts of cached data in Hazelcast members (servers) and in the Hazelcast Client (near cache), limited only by available RAM for extreme scale-up.

Stream Processing

Stream processing is how Hazelcast processes data on-the-fly, prior to storage, rather than batch processing, where the data set has to be stored in a database before processing. This approach is vital when the value of the information contained in the data decreases rapidly with age. The faster information is extracted from data, the better.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The speed of the Hazelcast in-memory computing platform enables new levels of real-time predictive model servicing in support of delivering artificial intelligence solutions, as well as enabling real-time engineering and model retraining.