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Basic Caches Cannot Measure Up to 21st Century Business Expectations

White Paper

It is common to see many IT teams turn to caching technologies to speed up their access to data. This is perfectly valid, since caching accelerates applications by reducing the latency associated with retrieving data from a slower medium (i.e., a disk-based database) or from the farthest corners of your network.

The overarching business demands that caches fail to meet time and time again is the unification of data spread out across disparate systems and the analytical calculations needed to be performed on said data. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a versatile technology that can come to the rescue: a digital integration hub (DIH), a data layer that not only stores data like a cache but also performs computations and aggregations of data so that other applications can access it in real time.

This paper explains why you should think beyond caching, and turn to more advanced, yet easy-to-integrate architectures like the DIH.