Build Faster Applications with Stream Processing

Whether you are processing high-speed transactions, looking for fraudulent behavior, or transforming streaming data into an analytics-ready format, you can’t meet your SLAs by just throwing more of the same resources into your data architecture


Simplifying how event processing is implemented including no external system dependencies.

Simplifying how event processing is implemented including no external system dependencies.

Performance matters! Not sure how you’ll meet SLAs on your rapidly growing data? In-memory computing can accelerate your microservices. In addition, you can leverage a lightweight stream processing engine to more quickly deploy your machine learning models, in weeks or days, instead of months.


In-Memory is the Optimal Solution

Processing and Fraud Detection

Processing and Fraud Detection

By moving transaction processing to an in-memory platform, Hazelcast reduces the latency associated with accessing a disk-based system of record. This solution allows Hazelcast customers to move processing times from seconds to microseconds.

The performance acceleration associated with Hazelcast opens up new avenues for innovation. A 1000X performance improvement not only lets you comfortably exceed SLA requirements, it opens up opportunities for new, innovative services while defining a new standard for performance, keeping you well ahead of your competitors in today's digital ecosystem.

“Our clients are now able to separate the data into windows and perform streaming analytics on it that was previously technically impossible.”
Hari Koduru
CEO, SigmaStream

Facing a large amount of “data exhaust,” which is discarded data, the founders of SigmaStream recognized an opportunity to develop and provide an event-based technology solution that addressed a pervasive and expensive problem.

The capability delivered by a high-speed in-memory stream processing engine is applicable across a broad array of industries and applications.


Produces measurable business benefits in any streaming environment, including trading desks, edge-based processing, or payment processing.

Millisecond Speed at Extreme Scale Millisecond Speed at Extreme Scale

Where other solutions drop into the seconds with larger workloads, Hazelcast Jet maintains its ultra-low latency regardless of scale, due to a distributed architecture and in-memory processing.

Lightweight Architecture Lightweight Architecture

The small footprint enables it to be deployed/embedded in constrained environments, including IoT sensors and edge applications.

Real-time Processing Real-time Processing

Process data at the moment it is generated, where it is generated. This is the optimal solution for serving machine learning models and other time-sensitive applications/systems that require the latest information to inform decisions.

Elastic, Seamless Scalability Elastic, Seamless Scalability

Scale-up and down without job interruption.

Resilient, Consistent Stability Resilient, Consistent Stability

Can be taken offline without losing data and jobs and upgraded without interrupting processing. In the event of an outage, in-memory data replication provides a robust, yet performant means of fault tolerance with Hot Restart for fast recovery.

 Enterprise-Grade Security Enterprise-Grade Security
Authentication and role-based access controls ensure data protection from unauthorized viewers, while encrypted data transmission ensures data privacy.

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