Building Real-Time Data Pipelines with a 3rd Generation Stream Processing Engine

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/ 60 min

Distributed systems and event-driven applications have developers increasingly embracing new technologies that allow businesses to process data in real-time and at scale. Due to the plethora of data sources, many developers now prefer to embed real-time data pipelines to process and transform data into each service and core business application. This modern approach requires a 3rd generation stream processing engine to analyze, distribute and act on events in volume and at extremely low latency.

In This Webinar

Hazelcast Jet® is a 3rd generation stream processing engine. In this webinar you’ll find out how easy it is to deploy and get started. Join us to learn how to build batch and stream processing pipelines using the fluent, high-level Java API of Hazelcast Jet.

Using live coding, you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect to a batch or streaming data source
  • Use both simple transformations and complex aggregations
  • Integrate 3rd party libraries such as predictive analytics tools or enrichment data sources
  • Define sliding, tumbling and session windows and deal with late events
  • Build a custom sink to output data to any system of record

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