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Accelerating Microservices with Streaming Technologies


Many modern applications today emphasize handling volume and speed in an efficient way. One way organizations have achieved those goals is by adopting a microservices architecture. But a microservices architecture alone won’t address your requirements, as you need the right tools and strategy. The use of streaming technologies in microservices is an emerging trend that you should consider. And combining streaming with in-memory technologies lets you deploy and run your systems faster.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The key considerations for deploying a microservices architecture
  • Advantages of using streaming technologies
  • An example of streaming technologies as the foundation for your microservices

Presented By:

Scott McMahon
Senior Solutions Architect

Scott McMahon is a Senior Solutions Architect at Hazelcast® with over 20 years of software development and enterprises consulting experience. Before specializing in Hazelcast In Memory Data Grid technology he built big data analytics platforms and business process management systems for many of the worlds leading corporations. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon, and when not working on computer systems, he enjoys getting outdoors and having fun with his family.