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Hazelcast Enterprise

For mission-critical performance scale-out of your applications.

Why Hazelcast Enterprise?

Hazelcast Enterprise is built on the foundation of Hazelcast Open Source, the most widely adopted operational in-memory computing platform, and guarantees the highest levels of performance for in-memory computing and scale-out of your applications.

Hazelcast Enterprise provides critical centralized management features for scaling in-memory access of data across your IT landscape, including Management Center, advanced WAN replication, and Security Suite for management of application data access on-premises or in the cloud.

Deploying Hazelcast to the cloud is now easier with a new cloud Discovery SPI, container deployment for Docker, cloud configuration and management integrations for Kubernetes, jclouds, Consul, and integration with Cloud Foundry and OpenShift frameworks.

Hazelcast can integrate with any application through a rich set of cross-platform APIs and client plugins, as well as an Open Binary Client Protocol for development of your own APIs.

Hazelcast 3.7 Enterprise Architecture

Architecture Diagram

Hazelcast Enterprise has the features needed for application scale-out:

  • WAN Replication – synchronizes multiple Hazelcast Clusters in different datacenters for disaster recovery or geographic locality and can be managed centrally through Management Center
  • Security Suite – provides standards-based JAAS and interoperable encryption, authentication, and access control checks to mission-critical applications
  • Continuous Query Cache – provides a dynamically updated result set of a query against a Map to either Clients or Members
  • Management Center – provides a bird’s-eye view of all cluster activity, along with configurable watermarks for alerts through a web-based user interface and cluster-wide JMX and REST APIs

Service and Support with Hazelcast Enterprise Subscription Includes:

  • 24×7 Support window with a One-Hour Service-Level Agreement
  • Quarterly review of feature requests
  • Quarterly review of the Hazelcast roadmap
  • Email, IM, and phone support for up to four support contacts
  • Hot Patch Fixes
  • Simulation of your production Hazelcast profile for upgrade/config change verification
  • Black Duck Clean IP Report
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