Internet of Things (IoT)

In a world where billions of devices are constantly streaming data into your IT systems, Hazelcast Platform is the ideal solution for managing your IoT ecosystem.


Keep up with billions of IoT data sources through the speed and scalability of in-memory computing.

With billions of mobile users and potentially trillions of “things” generating data non-stop, there has never been a better time to deploy in-memory technology to support a wide range of high-speed streaming data sources, enabled by lightning-fast caching.

In-memory powers edge use cases for IoT

IoT Edge processing

Hazelcast offers a light-footprint solution that enables lighting-fast edge processing for IoT applications across a broad range of industries.

The speed you need

From autonomous vehicles to remote drilling operations, streaming data at the edge requires incredible speeds, which can now be delivered by in-memory solutions.

Opportunities for innovation

When your processing and intake speeds accelerate by a factor of 1000x, new opportunities for service differentiation are suddenly possible. See how in-memory can move you ahead of your competitors.

10% cost reduction

Operational savings from high-speed streaming data

From devices operating in complex, hostile, and remote environments


Events aggregated per second

With zero delays in processing, under extreme conditions

Enabling the Internet of Things with Hazelcast


Trying to track billions of things at once? Speed definitely matters. Stream data in at high volumes from multiple sources and process the data in-memory with Hazelcast, all with millisecond speed.


An internet that has evolved to enable billions of devices and events, often occurring at the same time, requires scalability on a new level. Hazelcast provides distributed capabilities for seamless scaling.


Massive bursts of traffic? Hazelcast has you covered. Our ability to quickly scale up and down in response to external events optimizes your use of resources while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.


Providing millisecond response times, billions of times per second, with no noticeable impact on performance is what Hazelcast delivers. Our In-Memory solutions provide an end-to-end solution for the most demanding customers.