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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation touches every part of the modern business. In-memory technology is one of the core enablers in today's data-intensive, always-on world. If speed, scalability, and stability are critical to your business, Hazelcast is the answer.

In-memory computing platforms are a core enabler of digital transformation.

Today’s digital world is driven by vast volumes of data unthinkable only a few years back. With many billions of IoT devices and mobile users, the pressure to deliver results at internet speeds has never been greater.


Speed operates on a whole different level today. Need to process millions of transactions in microseconds? We've got you covered.


Scale up to terabytes of RAM across distributed clusters, then scale down when you don't need the resources. With Hazelcast, you only use what you need when you need it.


A system that's fast but unstable doesn't do anyone any good. With Hazelcast's parallel and distributed processing capability, your downtime is effectively zero.


In-memory speeds allow you to run fraud detection algorithms at a blindingly fast pace. Security is front and center for our customers and has always been a core part of our value.

Move gracefully through your digital transformation with Hazelcast's In-Memory advantage.

Every aspect of your business depends on speed, scalability, stability, and security – from customer-facing service applications, to integration with back-end production and control systems, to securing the perimeter for edge use cases. Hazelcast delivers the capability you need, enabling excellence across your organization.

Leading companies with the most demanding environments have seen their business transformed and elevated by the deployment of Hazelcast In-Memory solutions. Whether in e-commerce, banking, telecommunications, healthcare, or government, organizations worldwide need speed, scalability, stability, and security. Hazelcast delivers. Better than anyone.

Drive excellence and innovation to new levels.

Exceed expectations

Delight your customers and users by providing an instant response to complex queries, with a system that is always on, always ready.

Meet burst requirements

Move gracefully through extreme high-demand periods, then scale back just as easily when demand has diminished.

Improve performance

Scale and improve your performance elastically, reducing hardware requirements and driving efficiency.

1.2 microseconds
Maximum application latency
Improved customer experience

Consistent user experience with no downtime

Hazelcast Accelerates Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is prompting companies to move from old, expensive, legacy mainframe systems and branch networks to multi-channel self-service. They are also shifting deployment from mainframes in their own data centers to the cloud, looking for more elasticity and faster deployment.

The driver behind this move is cost reduction, an improved customer experience, and scaling for multi-channel self-service that is difficult for mainframes to do.

The Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform enables data to be shifted to memory for much higher performance. Hazelcast’s In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) can be scaled to any size, and when used with a mainframe behind, offload can be as high as 90%. This can dramatically reduce costs. Hazelcast IMDG can also be used as an in-memory component of a new architecture to replace the mainframe all together. Hazelcast is a pure software system that can be deployed to any cloud provider.

Banking example

In this banking example, Hazelcast IMDG is a cache-as-a-service for a global digital platform. Customers access the system via web and mobile to perform online banking. The objective is to lower the cost of operations and reduce ongoing mainframe costs through a reduction in MIPS usage.

Customer Success Story

A global top ten bank with an international network comprising of 7,500 offices in 80+ countries and territories in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa selected Hazelcast IMDG to act as its cache-as-a-service for its new global digital platform, which will be rolled out to all of their customers worldwide. These customers access the system via web and mobile in order to perform online banking. The global digital program is led by the bank’s CIO. It's business objective is to lower the cost of operations and reduce ongoing mainframe costs through a reduction in MIPS usage. The application will be run in the cloud using the Pivotal Cloud Foundry PaaS, which Hazelcast supports.

This paradigm shift from mainframe to a cloud architecture is central to reducing the bank’s IT costs globally. It is a key trend in consumer banking being driven by the lower margins which have been squeezed by a perfect storm of historically low interest rates combined with unprecedented compliance and capital requirements.

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