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Hazelcast IMDG Accelerates Your Digital Transformation

As part of their Digital Transformation, companies are moving from old, expensive, legacy mainframe systems and branch networks to multi-channel self-service by their customers. The channels are commonly Web and Mobile. Common applications, depending on the business, are online banking, and online sales and ordering.

They are also looking to shift deployment from mainframes in their own data centers to the cloud, looking for elasticity and faster deployment.

The driver behind this is cost reduction, improved customer service (via self-service) and scaling for multi-channel self-service that is difficult for mainframes to do.

The Hazelcast® In-Memory Data Grid computing platform enables data to be shifted to memory for much higher performance. The grid can be scaled to any size. When used with a mainframe behind, mainframe offload can be as high as 90%, dramatically reducing costs. Or Hazelcast IMDG® can be used as an in-memory component of a new architecture to completely replace the mainframe. Hazelcast is a pure software system which can be deployed to any cloud provider.

Why Most Mainframes Fall Short…

Why Hazelcast IMDG is Ideal…

Mainframes which are expensive anyway become prohibitive for the scale required for many modern, customer facing applications. In-memory Hazelcast can massively scale and just write results behind to the mainframe so that it does not need to be scaled.
Mainframe pricing does not allow periodic peak load processing such as end of month or end of year peak. With Hazelcast in front, the mainframe does not need to be scaled.
Mainframes have scale limits that cannot be overcome without rearchitecting. The Hazelcast in-memory computing platform is often a part of Digital Transformation where it acts as an in-memory store and often also performs part of the processing.
Mainframes use old programming languages and frameworks making new development prohibitively expensive. Hazelcast is thoroughly modern. We support six modern programming languages: Java, Node.js, C++, .NET, Python and Scala.
Mainframes cannot be used as part of a cloud migration. Hazelcast is software only and Java based. It supports every type of hardware, hardware virtualisation and all popular cloud environments. It is therefore very easy to include in your Digital Transformation project.
Mainframes are a monolith. A failure causes the system to fail. Hazelcast is embeddable and therefore easily used in microservices architectures, where each microservice has it own isolated Hazelcast cluster which can independently scale.

Customer Success Story

A global top ten bank with an international network comprising of 7,500 offices in 80+ countries and territories in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa selected Hazelcast IMDG to act as its cache-as-a-service for its new global digital platform, which will be rolled out to all of their customers worldwide. These customers access the system via web and mobile in order to perform online banking. The global digital program is led by the bank’s CIO. Its business objective is to lower the cost of operations and reduce ongoing mainframe costs through a reduction in MIPS usage. The application will be run in the cloud using the Pivotal Cloud Foundry PaaS, which Hazelcast supports.

Banking Deployment Diagram

This paradigm shift from mainframe to a cloud architecture is central to reducing the bank’s IT costs globally. It is a key trend in consumer banking being driven by the lower margins which have been squeezed by a perfect storm of historically low interest rates combined with unprecedented compliance and capital requirements.

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