Understanding In-Memory Technologies and Caching Strategies

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/ 60 min

Are you a developer, software engineer or architect looking to apply in-memory technologies to your current architecture? Are you looking to deliver ultra-fast response times, better performance, scalability, and availability? Are you seeking new tools and techniques to manage and scale data and processing through an in-memory-first and caching-first architecture?

In this webinar, “Understanding In-Memory Technologies and Caching Strategies,” in-memory experts cover:

  • Introduction to in-memory technologies and caching
  • Top pain points that have been solved by using in memory data grids to provide distributed caching
  • Caching-first concepts, caching types and caching strategies
  • Common use cases
  • Where caching fits within a typical enterprise application architecture
  • Deeper dive into caching strategy concepts including, caching topologies, eviction strategies, and more

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