New Opportunities for Simplified Stream Processing (with Hazelcast Jet 4.0)

| Video
| 60 minutes

The most common theme we hear about stream processing is how to make it easier. Many IT professionals understand the value that streaming data provides, but they still see a barrier to adoption due to the complexity of existing stream processing technologies.

Hazelcast products are all about simplifying scalable distributed in-memory data storage and processing with mission-critical reliability while providing best-in-class performance. This is especially critical in the rapidly expanding world of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In this webinar, we’ll cover some of the new advanced features in Hazelcast Jet 4.0, and show you how Hazelcast Jet is a powerful building block which simplifies the development of real-time streaming and batch data analytics solutions. We’ll discuss:

  1. Running Python code over high-speed streams, especially for machine learning inference
  2. Exactly-once guarantees on more data sources and sinks
  3. Change data capture with Debezium, plus additional sources and sinks

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