Modern Platform for Always-On Digital Retail

| Video
| 60 minutes

Retail has become truly digital. Customers demand frictionless always-on experiences across all devices and all channels. Trends such as Touchless Retail and Buy-Online Pick-up Curbside or in-store are only accelerating in the current environment. At the same time, technologies such as Edge Computing, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality are driving innovation and disruption.

To meet these challenges, retailers must rethink their architectures and applications. They must adopt a boundaryless, integrated digital architecture that works seamlessly from Edge to Cloud to Data Center.

IBM, Intel, and Hazelcast are working together to deliver integrated solutions to meet these challenges. In this webinar, they will discuss the Modern Digital Platform that meets these needs, leveraging In-Memory Computing, Cognitive and Edge Computing, and Innovative hardware advances such as Intel Optane Persistent Memory to deliver a platform that is easy to operate and always-on. Topics will include top use-cases such as Touchless Retail, Smart Kiosk/Vending, and Personalized Experiences and architectures to support them.

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