Mastering Hazelcast IMDG

| 317 pages

This pragmatic eBook will teach you about the important features of Hazelcast IMDG®.

This eBook is written for developers and architects who build applications on top of Java Virtual Machines (JVM) and want to get a better understanding of how to develop distributed applications using Hazelcast. It doesn’t matter if you are using Java or any other the other JVM-based languages like Scala, Groovy, and Clojure. It is even possible to call Hazelcast from .NET or C++ using the new Hazelcast 3 Portable and client functionality.

If you are a developer who has no prior experience with Hazelcast, then you will learn the basics to get up and running. If you already have some experience, you can learn some new tricks to get more out of your Hazelcast installation since the eBook contains a lot of information – it’s the essential companion to the Hazelcast Reference Manual.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 2: Learning the Basics
  • Chapter 3: Distributed Primitives
  • Chapter 4: Distributed Collections
  • Chapter 5: Distributed Map
  • Chapter 6: Distributed Executor Service
  • Chapter 7: Distributed Topic
  • Chapter 8: Hazelcast Jet New Chapter!
  • Chapter 9: Hazelcast Clients
  • Chapter 10: Serialization
  • Chapter 11: Transactions
  • Chapter 12: Hazelcast JCache Implementation
  • Chapter 13: Storage
  • Chapter 14: Network Configuration
  • Chapter 15: Using Hazelcast as Hibernate 2nd Level Cache
  • Chapter 16: Integrating Hazelcast with Spring
  • Chapter 17: Extending Hazelcast
  • Chapter 18: Consistency and Replicaton Model New Chapter!
  • Chapter 19: Threading Model
  • Chapter 20: Performance Tips
  • Chapter 21: Appendix