Making the Business Case for Real-Time In Your Organization

Jun 8, 2023 | 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT / 5:00pm GMT

Some businesses “get” real-time, some are still trying to figure it out. Real-time itself is a term which may cause confusion or disagreement regarding its meaning and its place in the enterprise.

Before we give up on the term, we’d like to explore with you what *we* mean by real-time and what advantages we see our customers getting from going all-in on real-time. Depending on your current IT environment, it may be a very easy journey stepping up to real-time and so little investment will be needed. For others, a more rigorous examination of other tools being used may be needed and there may be more time and effort needed to ramp them to real-time.

Join us as we tackle the topic of real-time, including:

  • What is “real-time” in data management, IT, and business?
  • How does real-time’s meaning differ across industries?
  • How might businesses in different industries, like Financial Services, Telco, Retail, Healthcare, and Manufacturing/Industrial benefit from going real-time?
  • How can Hazelcast help these businesses achieve success in getting to real-time?
  • How can all of this help you promote real-time to your business or organization?

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