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Recorded Webinar

Hazelcast Jet for Hazelcast IMDG Users

60 minutes
Recorded May 9, 2018

Hazelcast Jet® is a 3rd generation stream processing engine that adds advanced data processing capabilities to Hazelcast IMDG®. Jet makes it simple to build distributed, fault-tolerant data processing pipelines on top of Hazelcast IMDG and provides 500% performance increase over similar processing done with Apache Spark. Just like Hazelcast®, it can be embedded into your application or run as standalone.

In this webinar, we’ll showcase some of Jet’s capabilities, such as:

  • Real time ingestion of data from Kafka into Hazelcast
  • Building a ETL pipeline which can pump data into Hazelcast from a system of record or export to it
  • Enriching stream data with low latency using Hazelcast as a cache
  • Using Jet for event based processing


Can Gencer, Jet Team Lead at Hazelcast

Can is a Turkish software developer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark and is the team lead for Hazelcast Jet®. Prior to joining Hazelcast®, he worked as a software development consultant to some of the world’s leading investment banks.