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Hazelcast Jet for Hazelcast IMDG Users


Hazelcast Jet® is a 3rd generation stream processing engine that adds advanced data processing capabilities to Hazelcast IMDG®. Jet makes it simple to build distributed, fault-tolerant data processing pipelines on top of Hazelcast IMDG and provides 500% performance increase over similar processing done with Apache Spark. Just like Hazelcast®, it can be embedded into your application or run as standalone.

In this webinar, we’ll showcase some of Jet’s capabilities, such as:

  • Real time ingestion of data from Kafka into Hazelcast
  • Building a ETL pipeline which can pump data into Hazelcast from a system of record or export to it
  • Enriching stream data with low latency using Hazelcast as a cache
  • Using Jet for event based processing

Presented By:

Can Gencer
Can Gencer
VP, Research & Development

Can Gencer is the VP of R&D at Hazelcast. He runs Engineering as well as leading the development of advanced technology. As a technology leader with an endless curiosity and an eye for the future, Can has built engineering teams that launched innovative products pushing the boundaries of distributed computing. Previously at Hazelcast, he led the development of Hazelcast Jet, a cutting-edge distributed stateful data processing platform.