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Recorded Webinar

Introducing Hazelcast Jet – Distributed Stream and Batch Processing

45 minutes
Recorded April 11, 2017

Learn about in-memory distributed processing for big data with Hazelcast Jet®. Hazelcast Jet is a new Apache 2 licensed open source project that performs parallel execution to enable data-intensive applications to operate in near real-time. Using directed acyclic graphs (DAG) to model relationships between individual steps in the data processing pipeline, Hazelcast Jet is simple to deploy and can execute both batch and stream-based data processing applications.


Can Gencer, Jet Team Lead at Hazelcast

Can is a Turkish software developer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark and is the team lead for Hazelcast Jet®. Prior to joining Hazelcast®, he worked as a software development consultant to some of the world’s leading investment banks.