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Introducing Hazelcast Jet – Distributed Stream and Batch Processing


Learn about in-memory distributed processing for big data with Hazelcast Jet®. Hazelcast Jet is a new Apache 2 licensed open source project that performs parallel execution to enable data-intensive applications to operate in near real-time. Using directed acyclic graphs (DAG) to model relationships between individual steps in the data processing pipeline, Hazelcast Jet is simple to deploy and can execute both batch and stream-based data processing applications.

Presented By:

Can Gencer
Can Gencer
VP, Research & Development

Can Gencer is the VP of R&D at Hazelcast. He runs Engineering as well as leading the development of advanced technology. As a technology leader with an endless curiosity and an eye for the future, Can has built engineering teams that launched innovative products pushing the boundaries of distributed computing. Previously at Hazelcast, he led the development of Hazelcast Jet, a cutting-edge distributed stateful data processing platform.