White Paper

Report: The Battle to Conquer Latency

White Paper

In today’s digital enterprise, latency is the new downtime. Time spent waiting for an application to process data and act upon it is time lost for other opportunities. With that in mind, is there a connection between latency, innovation, and business performance? The Infinity Data research, commissioned in collaboration with Intel, examines how companies are addressing the challenge imposed by latency. The research was conducted through a survey of more than 350 IT decision-makers in the US and across industries: financial services, e-commerce, telecommunications, energy, and the public sector.

Key takeaways include:

– 58% of businesses measure latency in milliseconds or microseconds

– Databases were identified as one of the top causes of latency

– 49% of respondents said their teams were having significant difficulties handling large volumes of data

– Quicker access to data to inform business decisions was a top reason for combating latency in four of the five industries.