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Architectural Patterns for High-Performance Microservices in Kubernetes


Kubernetes brings new ideas on how to improve the performance of your microservices. You can use a cache or a distributed in-memory store and set them up with several different topologies: embedded, embedded distributed, client-server, cloud, sidecar, reverse proxy, and reverse-proxy sidecar.
In this session you’ll see:
  • A walk-through of all topologies for in-memory storage
  • Sidecar pattern and its usage for in-memory computing
  • The future of envoy-level caching with service mesh


Presented By:

Rafal Leszko
Rafal Leszko
Cloud-Native Team Lead

Cloud-Native Team Lead at Hazelcast, author of the book “Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins”, trainer, and conference speaker. He specializes in Java development, Cloud environments, and Continuous Delivery. Former employee in a number of companies and scientific organizations: Google, CERN, AGH University, and more. Website: