Hazelcast Jet Professional

For the easy construction of IoT and microservices-based applications with service-level guaranteed operations

Why Hazelcast Jet Professional?

The Hazelcast Jet® Professional subscription helps ensure the service-level agreement operation of your streaming application. It offers 24×7 service and support with code reviews, simulation testing, and access to patch-level fixes to ensure the smooth operation of your applications. Hazelcast Jet Professional subscription is the best way to guarantee operational service-levels for critical application deployments with large numbers of users or application clients, and high-levels of usage.

  • Minimized downtime with 24/7 response to support tickets, continuous delivery of patches, and Hot Fix Patches
  • Lower cost of operation of DevOps for your Hazelcast Jet apps with simulation/configuration testing
  • Certified IP Compliance guarantees avoiding legal exposure from open source

Key Features of Hazelcast Jet Professional:

  • Management Center – provides a bird’s-eye view of all cluster activity, along with configurable watermarks for alerts through a web-based user interface and cluster-wide JMX and REST APIs.
  • Production Assurance – provides production simulation of your Hazelcast Jet environment including hardware, virtualization, operating system, configuration, feature usage, topology, sizing and load. Includes assistance with ongoing simulation and testing of your Hazelcast Jet platform and deployed applications using Hazelcast Simulator.
  • Hot Fix Patches – provides personalized release of Hazelcast Jet software dedicated to addressing your specific reported issue. Made to the exact version of Hazelcast Jet that you are running with only the specific bug fix applied.
  • IP Compliance Assurance – full insight into Hazelcast Jet IP compliance with Black Duck® Protex™ reporting to help you understand license obligations, conflicts and risks.

Hazelcast Jet Professional Architecture

Hazelcast Jet Professional Architecture Diagram

Full Feature List of Hazelcast Jet Professional:

  • 24×7 Support window with a 4-hour Service-Level Agreement
  • Quarterly review of feature requests
  • Quarterly review of the Hazelcast Jet roadmap
  • Email, IM, and phone support for up to 2 support contacts
  • Hazelcast Jet production assurance for initial deployment/charge control with Hazelcast Simulator
  • Hot patch fixes
  • IP Compliance Assurance with Black Duck® Protex™

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