Get Started with Hazelcast

A Reference Guide to Stream Processing

White Paper

The goal of streaming systems is to process big data volumes and provide useful insights into the data prior to saving it to long-term storage. This white paper introduces you to the domain of stream processing covering topics such as use cases that benefit from stream processing, the building blocks of a stream processing solution, key concepts used when building a streaming pipeline, and runtime aspects and trade-offs between performance and correctness.

An Architect’s View of Hazelcast IMDG

White Paper

This white paper provides an introduction for architects and developers to Hazelcast’s distributed computing technology.

Caching Strategies Explained

White Paper

This document aims to describe different strategies for application caching strategies. It will explain the advantages and disadvantages, and when to apply the appropriate strategy.

Cluster your Application using CDI and JCache

Recorded Webinar from March 17, 2015

This webinar will start with a simple JAX-RS/JPA application. We will turn this standard Java EE application, step by step, into a fully clustered application using a CDI extension and producers to integrate Hazelcast, as a JCache provider.

Data Caching Introduction


Stories about Starting Out with Hazelcast IMDG: Three Hazelcast IMDG users document about their experience with data caching. Includes some architecture diagrams and code examples.

Deploying Hazelcast IMDG and Apache Kafka for IoT Stream Processing and Analytics

Recorded Webinar from April 25, 2017

Learn how IoT applications can benefit by combining Apache Kafka and Hazelcast IMDG.

Getting Started with Microservices Using Hazelcast IMDG and Spring Boot

White Paper

Microservices, as an architectural approach, has shown a great deal of benefit over the legacy style of monolithic single applications. Nevertheless, microservices are not without their drawbacks. The purpose of this white paper is to show first steps for using Spring Boot and Hazelcast IMDG contribute to the microservices landscape, enhancing the benefits and alleviating some of the common downsides.

Getting Started with Stream Processing

White Paper

This paper is intended for software developers and architects who are planning a Big Data, IoT, or low latency application that requires scalable, high-performance processing, and want to understand the critical infrastructure requirements.

Getting Started with Stream Processing

Recorded Webinar from July 31, 2018

Java Champion, Ben Evans, will provide an introduction to stream processing and teach more about core techniques and how to get started building a stream processing application using real world use cases and live demos.

Hazelcast IMDG 3.11 Product Datasheet


Includes the full feature list for Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise and comparison to Hazelcast IMDG Open Source.

Hazelcast IMDG 3.5 Performance Measurements


Since version 3.4, Hazelcast engineers have invested months of effort to make broad-based, across-the-board performance enhancements. As a result, the Hazelcast 3.5 release enjoys a wide array of significant performance improvements over the 3.4 version.

Hazelcast IMDG C# / .NET Client Code Reference Card

Ref Card

Get up and running with the Hazelcast IMDG C# / .NET Client quickly with this easy to use reference card.

Hazelcast IMDG Java Client Code Reference Card

Ref Card

Includes reference for Distributed Data Structures, Serializable Objects, the Executor Service, and more.

Hazelcast IMDG on Azure: Best Practices for Deployment


Hazelcast IMDG on Azure: Best Practices for Deployment highlights best practices for cloud architects and developers gearing up Hazelcast applications to a virtual cloud environment.

Hazelcast IMDG WAN Replication with Solace

White Paper

Learn the powerful benefits of combining Solace and Hazelcast IMDG for WAN Replication.

How to Achieve Developer-friendly, Resilient Workflow Automation with Camunda and Hazelcast

Recorded Webinar from August 25, 2015

How to Achieve Developer-friendly, Resilient Workflow Automation with Camunda and Hazelcast.

How to Speed Up Your Application Using JCache

Recorded Webinar from July 10, 2014

Delivered in partnership with GameDuell, this technical talk by Greg Luck provides an in depth introduction to caching, with a particular focus on JCache and Hazelcast.

Invoking Hazelcast IMDG from MuleSoft: Best Practices for Deployment


Hazelcast IMDG® has been a popular choice with MuleSoft users to cache data in an external in-memory cluster. This is also a very easy way to pass data or share state from one service to another. This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to store, retrieve and share data between services using an external Hazelcast cluster from multiple MuleSoft services.

Java Caching Reference Card

Ref Card

Explores the building blocks of JCache and other caching APIs, as well as multiple strategies for implementing temporary data storage in your application.

JavaEE Applications Supercharged – Using JCache with Payara

Recorded Webinar from March 10, 2015

Payara 4.1.151 was released at the end of January and one of the new enhancements is Hazelcast session persistence. Technical Director and Founder of Payara, Steve Millidge teamed up with Hazelcast to demonstrate the new feature in action.

Keeping Your Cache Hot with Real-Time, Push-based Synchronization

Recorded Webinar from December 13, 2016

Join us for this webinar on Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache, where we’ll show you how to keep your cache hot with real-time, push-based synchronization. Live Q&A after the webinar.

Mastering Hazelcast IMDG


Learn about the important features of Hazelcast while getting up to speed on the latest improvements in Hazelcast v3.9.

Most Powerful Java Runtime Meets Fastest In-memory Data Grid for Demanding Enterprise Workloads | Azul Systems & Hazelcast

Recorded Webinar from May 17, 2016

Join this webinar to learn how the combination of Hazelcast plus Azul System’s Zing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) delivers compelling benefits to the enterprise.

Practical Introduction to Big Data and MapReduce

Recorded Webinar from February 5, 2015

Join Christoph Engelbert (Hazelcast) and Matti Tahvonen (Vaadin) for an introduction to Big Data and Map Reduce.

Replicated Sessions: Fail-safe HTTP sessions with Hazelcast

Recorded Webinar from September 8, 2015

In this webinar we’ll introduce you to the Hazelcast Web Session Replication module. This module makes replicating and distributing data easier than ever.

Should You Adopt a Streaming-First Architecture

Recorded Webinar from August 15, 2018

Many companies today have a mix of batch, mini-batch, and stream-based processing. The question is whether organizations should embrace streaming as the default mode of data acquisition? Several vendors are now pitching streaming-first architectures and extolling the benefits of processing data in real-time. This webinar will explore the pros and cons of a streaming-first architecture and examine industry trends in its adoption.

The Power of the JVM: Applied Polyglot Projects with Java and JavaScript

Recorded Webinar from March 31, 2015

In this session you’ll get introduced to the latest state of the polyglot frameworks that use JavaScript and Java side-by-side.

Time to Make the Move to In-Memory Data Grids

Recorded Webinar from July 16, 2015

Join guest speaker Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast, and Ken Kolda, Software Architect of Ellie Mae on this radio-show style webinar to boost your in-memory IQ.