Deploy Into Production

Amazon EC2 Deployment Guide for Hazelcast IMDG


Learn about deploying Hazelcast IMDG on Amazon EC2

Hazelcast IMDG Deployment and Operations Guide


This guide will provide an introduction to the most important aspects of deploying and operating a successful Hazelcast IMDG installation. Updated for Hazelcast IMDG 3.9.

Hazelcast IMDG WAN Replication with Solace

White Paper

Learn the powerful benefits of combining Solace and Hazelcast IMDG for WAN Replication.

Oracle Coherence to Hazelcast Migration Guide


The guide takes a step by step approach, covering all of the main features of Oracle Coherence and then introduces the developer to their equivalent in Hazelcast. Each chapter provides code samples in Oracle Coherence and in Hazelcast.

Terracotta BigMemory/Ehcache to Hazelcast IMDG Migration Guide


Looking to migrate off Terracotta BigMemory/Ehcache and onto Hazelcast IMDG? Download our step-by-step migration guide to help you make the move.