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GO: Call me maybe, Java!

by Mehmet Dogan

When you need to pass boundaries of managed java environment, you find yourself playing (or fighting :) with C/C++ code (headers, compiler flags, linker flags ...).With version 1.5, Go is coming to save us, C/C++ is not your only option anymore...

Don’t call us, Hazelcast will call you!

by Mehmet Dogan

Sending tasks or application logic to the data is a good step to achieve greater scalability, generally you need to inject some local dependencies into remote tasks before they are executed. In Hazelcast, there are a few ways of injecting dependencies into user objects. Spring Who doesn’t use Spring nowadays… If you are a Spring […]

More than just JCache

by Mehmet Dogan

JSR107, Java Temporary Caching API, also known as JCache is finally out after an effort of 13 years. It's like the only everlasting JSR of the JCP history. But long story short, it's completed now and companies in NoSQL/in-memory-data-grid/big-data world are competing each other to release their own implementations first.

Give me some GC stats…

by Mehmet Dogan

While analysing application memory usage and inspecting allocation/garbage creation patterns, we generally need to know garbage collection count, time, rate etc. Although most of the profilers give this information out-of-the-box or JVM already has builtin flags to enable GC logging in many details, sometimes we want to access GC information programmatically.

Spurious wakeups are real!

by Mehmet Dogan

Most probably you heard spurious wakeup term many times, you read it in many API docs. But have you actually seen it in the wild? Is it real?

JFreeChart in Eclipse RCP & SWT

by Mehmet Dogan

To use JFreeChart in a Eclipse RCP project or simply embed in an SWT composite, you have two applicable choices: org.jfree.experimental.chart.swt.ChartComposite from JFreeChart SWT experimental project, which I can not say works seamless.

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