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Hazelcast + Big Data: Interview with Ben Evans

by Christoph Engelbert

We had the chance to speak with Ben Evans, Java Champion, author for O’Reilly and InfoQ, as well as co-founder of JClarity, a startup which delivers performance tools and services to help development and ops teams. Together with his recent whitepaper on Hazelcast in combination with Spark, he also delivered a small application, BetLeopard, to […]

Hazelcast Discovery SPI

by Christoph Engelbert

Your Perception of the Network Service Discovery or Network Exploration Eureka, Zookeeper, Consul and others, Service Discovery is an integral part of almost all of the new elastically scaling software systems. Instances or nodes of the application space can come, go or get restarted at any time and the system has to automatically adopt and […]

Hazelcast and OpenShift: Friends hand-in-hand

by Christoph Engelbert

2015 was an amazing year for Hazelcast. Not only did the Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal process arrive but we also took the first community project through the HEP process – the cloud Discovery Service Provider Interface (SPI). The Hazelcast Discovery SPI is a huge step towards the transition from pure middleware to an enterprise platform. In […]

The Hazelcast Incubator

by Christoph Engelbert

When Hazelcast started as a pure open source project in 2008, there was one guys, Talip Ozturk, with an amazing vision: A simple, powerful, scalable Distributed Map. Ever since Hazelcast went more powerful and added more features or data structures. Today almost all Java Collections and a lot of the

snowcast – Migration and Failover – Feature Complete

by Christoph Engelbert

When I started snowcast back at end of 2014 I haven't thought that people will really be interested but most of the times it will work out differently from your imagination. A still fairly small group of interested people showed up and I got a lot of nice words and

snowcast – Hazelcast Client and the snowcast logo

by Christoph Engelbert

snowcast In December I started a new project called snowcast. Arisen from the need in one of my own private projects I decided to open source this part of the work. snowcast is an auto-configuration, distributed, scalable ID generator on top of Hazelcast. Since snowcast is not an official Hazelcast

snowcast – like christmas in the distributed Hazelcast world

by Christoph Engelbert

snowcast is an auto-configuration, distributed, scalable ID generator on top of Hazelcast. Since snowcast is not an official Hazelcast project, Hazelcast will not offer any kind of commercial support for it, it is one of my private spare time projects! Why this project? While working on a side project I

nginx – Stateless Loadbalancer – Balance your load on nginx without proxying the request

by Christoph Engelbert

Today I want to show how you can use nginx to build your own stateless loadbalancer which just redirects your requests to random servers. It does neither support sticky sessions nor does it proxy your request. It will redirect (HTTP 302) your original request to the random location. This is

Hazelcast MapReduce on GPU (APRIL’S FOOL!)

by Christoph Engelbert

APRIL'S FOOL: Sorry that I have to admit it was just an April's Fool. The interesting fact btw is that when I first came up with the idea it sounded like totally implausible but while writing I realized "hey that should actually be possible". Maybe not yet for


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