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Hazelcast named in the Gartner® Market Guide for Event Stream Processing.

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Before Hazelcast
DIY Stream Processing
<span class="text-custom-4">Before Hazelcast</span><br>DIY Stream Processing
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Unified Real-Time Data Platform
<span class="text-custom-4">After Hazelcast</span><br>Unified Real-Time Data Platform

Seamless Simplicity

The Hazelcast unified real-time data platform offers a broad range of capabilities, empowering your developers to build applications that provide a significant competitive advantage. Embrace simplicity while unlocking the full potential of your data-driven initiatives.

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J.P. Morgan
Standard Chartered
Deutsche Bank
BNP Paribas Polska
Sleep Number Labs
Accor Group
Cox Automotive
TD Bank

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Hazelcast named a Market Leader in GigaOm Radar Report for Streaming Data Platforms


Top 3 Priorities for Innovative Data Leaders in 2023

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Hazelcast named in the Gartner® Market Guide for Event Stream Processing

The Gartner® Market Guide for Event Stream Processing gives a solid overview of why you need an ESP platform and what products are available today.

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Enrich Kafka Applications with Contextual Data

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Apache Kafka: Faster and more connected than ever before with Hazelcast

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Ways that Hazelcast can help your business

Real-Time Offers

Leveraging stream processing for dynamic offer delivery

Real-time offers play a pivotal role in both the banking and e-commerce industries, where timely and personalized interactions with customers can make all the difference.

This is where stream processing comes into play. By harnessing data in motion, Hazelcast enables organizations to process and analyze data in real-time, allowing them to swiftly identify customer needs and preferences when it matters most.

400% boost in conversion rates

BNP Paribas Bank saw a game changing boost in conversion rates by promoting offers at the right time using real-time personalized offers

Payment Processing

Boosting speed, scalability, stability, and security

Hazelcast accelerates instant payment transactions, countering cross-border incompatibilities that can impede operations; our in-memory data access accelerates payments, bypassing bloated interfaces.

In a realm of global operations and tight SLAs, stability and auto-recovery are crucial due to low latency demands at each payment stage. Hazelcast delivers an optimal solution with unified data processing and messaging, coupled with scalable storage for external data caching, maintaining consistently low end-to-end processing latencies.

100,000+ payments per second

In pursuit of advanced payment processing capabilities across 40 countries, a multinational bank undertook a transformative digital journey, achieving remarkable performance, scalability, and recognition.

Fraud Detection

Speed and scale that drive security enablement to a new level

Detecting financial crimes like payment fraud, money laundering, and more is pivotal for uncovering hidden patterns and relationships, yet neglecting fraud detection systems can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Hazelcast's solution addresses critical factors including speed, scalability, stability, and security, delivering microsecond processing speed and real-time anomaly detection. By minimizing risks, Hazelcast empowers financial institutions and businesses to maintain a fraud-free experience in today's dynamic landscape of complex transactions and evolving threats.

$100M in losses avoided

Neglecting systems can lead to hefty fines – a major bank was fined £500 million. Adaptable solutions like Hazelcast are essential for real-time checks and minimizing losses as fraud tactics evolve.

Trade Monitoring

Capture and correlate in real-time

Hazelcast’s hot data layer architecture acts as a real-time repository, empowering business applications with up-to-the-moment data for immediate action. This solution unifies disconnected sources, supports ongoing data processing, and offers valuable use cases like retail inventory tracking, transaction monitoring, and patient monitoring.

20x faster to market

Leveraging Hazelcast, a leading retailer streamlined new service development from two months to two days, accelerating data access and enhancing business agility while upholding security and reliability standards.

Use cases for your industry

Use Case – Healthcare


Use Case – E-Commerce


Use Case – Financial Services

Financial Services

Use Case – Logistics


Use Case – Airlines


Use Case – Retail Banking

Retail Banking

Use Case – Financial Services

Financial Services

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“In the streaming data space, it’s almost impossible to find a single platform that handles data preparation, reference data enrichment, streaming data processing... machine learning and more. Hazelcast is the rare vendor able to provide this functionality, and more, in a single solution.
Jelani Harper
GigaOm Analyst
BNP Paribas
“When we started, we didn't know if the system could support the different types of business logic and the expected campaign volumes for this to be a viable effort. But it was easy and relatively cheap to get started to see how the software could work. And we obtained good results, as the offer conversion rate is 4 times higher than before and the campaigns are profitable.”

Enterprise Architect

BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

“For applications having a use case of dealing with high velocity updates (like the inventory use case for our e-commerce platform), Hazelcast technology is apt and it has out of the box features that can be leveraged to avoid oversell or undersell inventory situations.”

Vice President IT

Architecture & Technology Top 3 American Retailer

“The Hazelcast Platform plugs into existing systems to process and enrich fresh streaming data with relevant stored data to detect opportunities and threats and act instantly. We’re excited to partner with Hazelcast to help drive the real-time economy forward.”

John Carey, Managing Director

AArete Financial Services Technology Solutions

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