High-Density Caching

For large scale enterprise use cases, it’s often preferable to use scale-up computing with a fixed and smaller number of very large computers. Scale-up computing is more appropriate for Enterprise Shared Data Services or Enterprise Cache-as-a-Service. These types of applications provide large-scale shared memory infrastructure to multiple applications across your organization.

High-Density Memory Store

Hazelcast IMDG® Enterprise HD scales up using High-Density Memory Store, a way for Java software to access multiple terabytes of memory per node without struggling with long and unpredictable garbage collection pauses. This memory store provides the benefits of “off-heap” memory using a variety of proprietary high-performance memory management techniques.

Hazelcast High-Density Caching Architecture

Hazelcast High-Density Caching Architecture Diagram

High-Density Memory Store may be configured for use with ICache, Hazelcast®’s implementation of JCache, and IMap APIs.


Hazelcast enables organizations to seamlessly integrate with JCache and Map. The JCache caching layer API provides a standard set of operations specialized for caching use cases. The Map API is one of the most popular Hazelcast APIs for caching as well. These operations can help to scale out applications and manage their high-speed access to their frequently used data. Hazelcast smoothly achieves its caching potential with a 100 percent compliant implementation that transparently registers with the JCache and Map subsystems.

High-Density Memory Store + JCache = Hazelcast High-Density Caching

When Hazelcast’s High-Density Memory Store add-on is combined with JCache, this use case is referred to as the High-Density Caching use case. JCache is the Java standard for accessing frequently used objects from RAM, thus providing a standard and easy-to-use way to deliver extreme application performance. Enterprises will greatly benefit from the increased speed and scalability of applications written to take advantage of JCache, and will be able to change providers without having to rewrite their applications or maintain a proprietary bespoke cache abstraction layer. Entire data sets can now be held in cache for extreme in-memory performance. All with the simplicity of JCache.

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