Application Scaling

If you’re a software developer and you have a Framework, Database, SaaS app, Web app, Mobile backend or Cloud Infrastructure, you can gain the following superpowers by embedding Hazelcast®:

  • Elastic Scalability (just add more servers and they cluster automatically)
  • Super Speeds (in-memory transaction speeds)
  • High Availability (can deploy in backup pairs or even WAN replicated)
  • Fault Tolerance (no single-point-of-failure)
  • Cloud Readiness (deploy right into EC2)

Lots of software developers are embedding Hazelcast into their core offerings. One such example is WSO2, the lean enterprise middleware company boasting such customers as Boeing, eBay, CISCO, Lockheed Martin, Expedia, Reuters, and Barclay’s Bank. WSO2 boasts literally dozens of Apache Foundation committers and PMC members.

From their press release, we can see that WSO2 has embedded Hazelcast into the core of their Carbon framework, a move that puts Hazelcast underneath every one of their products in their extensive suite.

Hazelcast Support – With Version 4.2, the WSO2 Carbon core adds new distributed caching and clustering implementations that are based on Hazelcast, the open source in-memory data grid that provides a clustering and highly scalable data distribution platform for Java. Hazelcast combines distributed data structures, distributed caching capabilities, elasticity, Memcached support, and integration with Spring and Hibernate. These capabilities bring several benefits to enterprise deployments, including the ability to handle thousands of operations per second, prevent the loss of data after crashes, and dynamically scale as new servers are added. Complementing the Hazelcast-based distributed caching and clustering implementations is a new caching infrastructure available with WSO2 Carbon 4.2.

Many commercial companies embed Hazelcast into applications in industries ranging from financial services, healthcare patient medical records, gaming, and telecommunications. There are also a number of open source projects that embed Hazelcast. These include: Apache Karaf/Cellar, Apache Drill, Apache Camel, Alfresco, Atmosphere, OrientDB, Mulesoft, Shiro and WSO2.

If you choose to embed Hazelcast in the core of your software project you’re in good company, and you can look forward to unparalleled application scaling.

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