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Recorded Webinar

The Evolution of Stream Processing and Top Use-Cases

60 minutes
Recorded November 13, 2018

Stream processing is a hot topic right now especially for any organization looking to provide insights faster, but what does it mean for users of Java applications, Microservices, and in-memory computing?

In this webinar we will cover the evolution of stream processing and in-memory related to Big Data technologies and why it is the logical next step for In-Memory processing projects. 

  • Evolution of stream processing
  • Top uses cases for stream processing
  • Comparisons of popular streaming technologies
  • When Hazelcast Jet may be the best choice

(Not available to join us for the live webinar? No problem! Register anyways and we will be sure to send you a recording of the webinar after)


John DesJardins, CTO N. America & Community Advocate at Hazelcast

John DesJardins is currently Community Advocate and CTO for North America at Hazelcast, where he is championing the growth of our Developer and Customer Community. His expertise in large scale computing spans Data Grids, Microservices, Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. He is an active blogger and speaker. John brings over 20 years of experience in architecting and implementing global scale computing solutions, including working with top Global 2000 companies while at Hazelcast, Cloudera, Software AG and webMethods. He holds a BS in Economics from George Mason University, where he first built predictive models, long before that was considered cool.

Vladimír Schreiner, Product Manager at Hazelcast

Is a product manager coming from an engineering background. Ten years of building internal software platforms and development infrastructure has made him passionate about new technology and finding ways to simplify data processing.