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Recorded Webinar

Getting Started with Stream Processing

60 minutes
Recorded July 31, 2018

In This Webinar

Java Champion, Ben Evans, will provide an introduction to stream processing and teach more about core techniques and how to get started building a stream processing application using real world use cases and live demos.

This webinar will cover:

  • Stream processing core techniques (including DAGs, serialization and wait-free algorithms for effiicient cooperative multithreading).
  • Functional programming – and why it makes sense.
  • Real world use case, BetLeopard.
  • Different ways to approach a calculation problem.
  • In a Live Demo showcast how Hazelcast Jet (in-memory streaming and fast batch processing) can improve performance.



Ben Evans, Technologist & Entrepreneur

Ben Evans is an author, entrepreneur, consultant and educator. His career highlights to date include: co-founding jClarity, a performance startup; Chief Architect for Listed Derivatives at Deutsche Bank; performance testing the Google IPO; creating award-winning websites for some of Hollywood’s biggest hits of the 90s; building multibillion dollar low-latency trading systems; and utilising technology to help some of the UK’s most vulnerable people.

He helps run the London Java Community, and represented the user community on Java’s governing body, the JCP Executive Committee, for 6 years. He is a Java Champion and 3-time JavaOne Rock Star Speaker.