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Lossless Cluster Restart for Hazelcast Jet

Full cluster recovery from either planned shutdowns or cluster-wide crashes.

Minimizes process disruption due to planned or unplanned events

Minimizes process disruption due to planned or unplanned events

Hazelcast Jet’s Lossless Recovery feature provides advanced fault-tolerance support for high-volume, mission-critical applications

Automatic Replication and Persistence of Critical Data

Data is continuously snapshotted and backed up to the disk, allowing the seamless recovery from the cluster-wide failures and shutdowns.

Uninterrupted Performance for Customer-Facing Streaming Data

Snapshotting, replication and persisting  automatically occur in milliseconds, with essentially no noticeable effect on user experience.


Hazelcast Lossless Cluster Restart

Replicated Storage Replicated Storage

Jet stores data in multiple replicas (copies) across the cluster, which are recovered from the back-up if a node fails.

Persistent State Persistent State

Continuously persists the states of the cluster members on disk in a format specifically designed for restart performance and to work in concert with SSDs.

Checkpointing Checkpointing

Consistent snapshots of each job are saved to storage, configured to be persistent with Hazelcast Hot Restart.

Rewindable Rewindable

Rewindable sources are rewound using offsets saved in the snapshot (Kafka, Hazelcast IMap, Hazelcast ICache data sources support rewinding).

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