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Increasingly, the transportation and logistics industry is marked by the introduction of the “Internet of Things” wherein the increase in the density of sensors, RFID, barcode and video recognition systems convert the flow of physical objects into a large-scale commercial data stream. In addition, new levels of supply chain transparency are being demanded by customers–driving a need for mobile interfaces and new services and service levels.

In this radically changed and globalized environment, companies that can operate on moving data and construct Event-Driven Architectures (EDA) that can manage complex events and react instantly to real-time changes in weather, supply routing, in-flight purchasing of inventory and thousands of market and environmental conditions will prevail. Optimization atop this sea of ever-changing data requires real-time assessment and reassessment of optimal routing paths and multidimensional quantitative analytics including resource availability and traffic analytics.

Hazelcast® provides a global, reliable and elastically scalable fabric that can deploy across a wide area to support commercial and military logistics including transport, container shipment, travel, supply chain, GIS, and many other use cases.

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CLAAS is a family business founded in 1913 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural engineering equipment. The company, with corporate headquarters in Harsewinkel, Westphalia, is the European market leader in combine harvesters. CLAAS is the world leader in another large product group, self-propelled forage harvesters. CLAAS is also a top performer in world-wide agricultural engineering with tractors, agricultural balers and green harvesting machinery. The CLAAS product portfolio also includes state-of-the-art farming information technology. CLAAS employs around 9,000 workers worldwide and reported a turnover of 3.4 billion euros in the financial year of 2012.

Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service (GFS) is the largest privately held food service distributor in North America with with 14,000 employees and 2013 annual revenue of 9.75 Billion. GFS delivers the goods that feed hungry restaurant patrons. The company boasts more than 20 distribution centers across the US and Canada. GFS’s primary focus is distributing a variety of food items, ingredients, and beverages to restaurant operators, schools, healthcare facilities, and institutional food service operators in parts of 15 states and across Canada. In addition to its distribution operation, GFS operates more than 155 wholesale stores under the GFS Marketplace banner; these are open to the public. Isaac Van Westenbrugge started the family-owned business in 1897 to deliver eggs and butter.


For more than 25 years, Navis has provided operational technologies that unlock greater performance and efficiency for our customers, the world’s leading terminal operators.  The Navis N4 terminal operating system optimizes operations, unlocking  efficiency, productivity and visibility for terminal operators. Navis combines industry best practices with innovative technology and world-class services that enable marine terminal operators worldwide to maximize performance with reduced risk. 

The Navis Terminal Operating System (TOS) is a platform for Terminal Operators worldwide, powering 89 marine container terminals (ports) around the world.


Vale is one of the largest metals and mining company in the world. Vale has a market capitalization of around US$ 27 billion. Vale is the world’s largest producer of iron ore and iron ore pellets, key raw materials for steelmaking, and the world’s largest producer of nickel, which is used to produce stainless steel and metal alloys employed in the production of aircraft, autos, mining and energy equipment mobile phones, batteries, special batteries for hybrid electric vehicles and several other products. Vale also produce manganese ore, ferroalloys, metallurgical and thermal coal, copper, platinum group metals, gold, silver, cobalt, potash, phosphates and other fertilizer nutrients, important raw materials for the global industrial and food production industries.