Hazelcast Guides are Live!

September 15, 2020
Hazelcast Guides are Live!

Hazelcast is a swiss-knife for distributed computing. You can use it as cache, distributed lock, key-value store, pub/sub, computing platform, and many more. Hazelcast also has a rich array of integrations that allow you to deploy it in cloud environments, inside microservices, or connect with your Java EE applications. How to find yourself in this distributed ecosystem?

Now, we are introducing Hazelcast Guides to help you get started! The guides are step-by-step, experiment focused, always up-to-date, and bite-sized samples where you can spend 10-15 minutes to gain experience with Hazelcast and various technologies. So, learn new technologies, read and solve your issues, and help us improve the Hazelcast Guides!


Each guide targets one Hazelcast integration and helps you solve some challenges you may encounter. Do you need to learn more about configuring Hazelcast in your Quarkus application, or need help with the Kubernetes deployment of your microservices backed by Hazelcast? Do you want to use Hazelcast as a cache manager for your SpringBoot application? The guides are here to help you!


The guides not only help you familiarize yourself with Hazelcast, but make you aware of various other technologies as well. Through the guides, you can discover Striim to load data from Oracle CDC to Hazelcast, create a Hazelcast instance on VMware Tanzu, or integrate Hazelcast with your Istio service mesh. Touch new technologies and expand your knowledge!


If you see something wrong with the guides or have a suggestion that you think is worth adding, you can send us a fix via “Edit this page”  links. You can also contribute to a new guide by expanding the base guide. If you open an issue here to make us aware of your new guide, we will happily create a repository under the organization for your contribution. Get involved!

So here are the guides! Start getting productive with Hazelcast integrations now:

About the Author

About the Author

Enes Ozcan

Enes Ozcan

Software Engineer, Hazelcast

Enes Ozcan is a member of the Hazelcast's integration team. After having BSc. degree from Bogazici University - Istanbul, he started working as a software engineer at Hazelcast. Prior to college, Enes had been both a professional badminton player and a chess player for years.

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