August – September 2022 Real-Time Platform Releases from Hazelcast

Burak Celebi | Oct 4, 2022

We are happy to announce a couple new releases, along with some exciting Beta releases that we have shipped recently as part of Hazelcast’s real time data platform!  In case you missed it, we’ve also announced the Hazelcast Viridian Serverless data platform! You can read the following posts to learn more about these exciting new releases:

As always, please don’t hesitate to join the Hazelcast Community on Slack if you have questions, or if you want to provide feedback. Also, feel free to check out our community page for other options.

Happy Hazelcasting! 🙂

Hazelcast Management Center 5.2-Beta-1

New Features

  • Added the following for SQL Browser:
    • separate workflows for batch and streaming queries.
    • editor autocomplete support.
    • connector wizard for Kafka connector.
    • connector wizard for File connector.
  • Introduced customizable tables, in terms of selected columns and order.
  • Introduced cluster connection diagnosis functionality.
  • Added statistics table for map indexes.
  • Added a chart for Tiered Storage usage monitoring.
  • Added support for Command-Line Client (CLC).


  • SQL Browser improvements:
    • now you can get MapBrowser information for a record in SQL query result.
    • schema panel now can be hidden/shown.
    • introduced a dialog explanation why suggested mapping cannot be provided.
    • increased speed of schema tab population.
  • Updated RocksDB version to support Apple M1.
  • Increased log level for Jetty classes that log HTTP request information.
  • Introduced a property to configure SQL export cell size limit.
  • Improved logging for RocksDB filesystem permission errors.
  • Improved Time Travel usability.
  • Time Travel is now disabled when metrics persistence is disabled.
  • Proper error message when Console is disabled on member.
  • Removed excessive Spring framework warnings.
  • Management Center no longer starts RocksDB for metrics persistence on unsupported operating systems (currently z/os).
  • Added progress indicator for the cluster remove operation.
  • TTL and maximum idle in Map Browser are shown as “Unlimited” if set to 0 or more than 1000 years.


Hazelcast Command-Line Client (CLC) 5.2-Beta-1

New Features

  • Introduced Windows AMD64 executable and Windows installer.
  • Added the “version” command for easy troubleshooting with the CLC version, Hazelcast Go Client version, Go version, and the latest git commit hash. See the command documentation.


  • Fixed various issues that caused the CLC to get stuck and enhanced the visual UI.
  • Added a new UI widget to indicate that a query is running.
  • Added color themes and the ability to override colors on SQL Browser. See the documentation for related settings.


Hazelcast JDBC Driver 5.2-Beta-1

New Features

  • Added support of basic database metadata.
  • Added support of query resubmission.


Hazelcast Platform 5.1.3

This release of IMDG improves connection handling.

Hazelcast Management Center 5.1.4

This release of Management Center fixes several Hazelcast Cloud integration issues.

Hazelcast Platform Operator 5.4

New Features

Added support for the following features and services:

  • WAN replication
  • Entry Processors
  • MapStore and MapLoader
  • Executor service


  • You can now load client-side classes, upload JAR files using ConfigMaps, and download JAR files into the Java classpath.
  • Introduced a reference to the Map resource so that the resource is updated with configuration changes for WAN replication.
  • When a Hazelcast CR is marked for deletion, now all dependent CRs are also deleted.
  • Added support for stopping hot backups gracefully.
  • Added configuration to whether skip the checks for the Management Center lock file.
  • Added phone home data collection as a separate process.
  • Added phone home data collection for map CR, WAN replication, user code deployment, and backup and restore.


Hazelcast C++ Client 4.2.1

This release of the Hazelcast C++ client fixes various API issues, mainly regarding large messages and lock mutex.

Hazelcast Management Center 3.12.18

This release of Management Center fixes a Spring Framework Denial of Service (DoS) Data Binding Vulnerability.

Hazelcast IMDG 3.12.13

This release of IMDG improves connection handling.

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