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Arguably the single most important part of your business, get security wrong and everything else suffers. Hazelcast's in-memory technologies bring a whole new level of capability to security enablement, as proven by some of the world's most demanding customer environments.

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Security and In-Memory Technology

Security and In-Memory Technology

The ability to quickly and cost effectively deliver secure and trusted systems is vital for any business.  Business-to-consumer and business-to-business systems demand reliable and secure communications, including features that control access for customers, partners, operators and administrators. Similarly for communications, systems should have the flexibility to deliver new functionality quickly without sacrificing security. At the same time, these systems should be able to handle security checks for millions of transactions a second without impacting SLAs.

Speed Drives Security
Speed Drives Security

Hazelcast's in-memory technology enables a whole new level of capability when it comes to fraud detection, delivered millions of times per second.

Scalability Drives Security
Scalability Drives Security

Global companies require security where their customers and businesses operate. Hazelcast In-Memory solutions scale quickly and effortlessly to enable secure edge processing where it's needed.

Stability Drives Security
Stability Drives Security

Hazelcast's distributed caching system ensures no system downtime. Your guard will always be up when it comes to fraud detection or access control. 

Security: The Core Business Enabler
Security: The Core Business Enabler

Of all the things Hazelcast's in-memory technology can enable, security is arguably the most important. Do you want to be a leader in secured transactions and control, or just another cautionary tale?

Fully integrated security

10K TPS w/SSL/TLS 1.2 w/Open SSL

Sub-microsecond speed takes security a new level

1.2 microseconds

Maximum application latency

Take your security and fraud detection to a higher level

Security with Speed
Transactional speed is now measured as sub-millisecond performance, millions of times per second. Hazelcast can run multiple fraud detection algorithms at near real-time speeds, adding the security your customers expect, with no compromise on a smooth customer journey.

Security with Stability
In-memory technology delivered as a distributed architecture means rock-solid stability across a broad range of devices, data sources, and end-use systems.

Security at Scale
Securing a single customer transaction is easy. Securing millions at the same time, with no noticeable latencies? That’s in-memory computing from Hazelcast.

Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform Enables True Security

Security in a Multi-Channel World

Security in a Multi-Channel World

Security concerns are multiplied by today’s multi-channel relationships with customers. Access and security systems must be coherent across mobile, tablet, desktop and customer service systems. Failure to modernize access control can lead to costly integration of systems. Even worse, it can expose a company to a security breach that can cause lasting damage to its brand, and result in serious repercussions with data protection agencies.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Many system contact points now rely on multi-factor authentication using trusted devices, such as a code sent to a customer's mobile phone to authorize a transaction. The system features required to perform such a user interaction involve fault-tolerant messaging and reliable data expiration. This can require expensive wiring between many systems. The days of simple usernames and passwords are gone. Today’s businesses run on multiple computer systems, and the ability for an IT department to deliver coherent security across all of these systems is vital.

Security Tokens

Security Tokens

Hazelcast IMDG provides the fundamental infrastructure required to bind various security concerns into one place. Security tokens and authentication information must be made available at microsecond latency and be easily integrated into existing security systems and flows. Security data must be highly available and secure from tampering. Hazelcast IMDG delivers microsecond speed for querying of security information. It's also easily scalable and highly available. Hazelcast Enterprise is a hardened version of our platform that comes with our Security Suite, which provides industry-leading security. It offers end-to-end TLS encryption, mutual authentication with X509 certificates, and many other security features, making it the ideal infrastructure for access control.

Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform

Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform

The leading in-memory solution to address your security requirements.


Hazelcast Security Solutions

Hazelcast IMDG

Hazelcast IMDG is the leading In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG). IMDGs are designed enable higher levels of security by providing high speed, availability and scalability of distributed data across multiple machines. Hazelcast IMDG enriches your ability to augment security by providing the capability to quickly process, store and access the data with the speed of RAM.

Hazelcast Jet

Hazelcast Jet is an application embeddable, distributed stream processing platform for building IoT and microservices-based applications. The Hazelcast Jet architecture is high performance and low-latency-driven, based on a parallel, distributed core engine enabling data-intensive applications to operate at real-time speeds.

Hazelcast Cloud

The security benefits of moving to the cloud are well known and applicable to virtually every industry. Hazelcast offers our customers the flexibility to deploy to the cloud on their terms, whether it's a dedicated cloud, on-premise cloud, hybrid cloud, or private cloud.

In-Memory Store and Cache

High-Density Memory Store adds the ability for Hazelcast Enterprise HD IMDG to store very large amounts of cached data in Hazelcast members (servers) and in the Hazelcast Client (near cache), limited only by available RAM for extreme scale-up.

Stream Processing

Stream processing is how Hazelcast processes data on-the-fly, prior to storage, rather than batch processing, where the data set has to be stored in a database before processing. This approach is vital when the value of information contained in the data decreases rapidly with age. The faster information is extracted from the data better.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The speed of the Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform enables new levels of real-time predictive model servicing in support of delivering artificial intelligence solutions, as well as enabling real-time engineering and model retraining.

Free Hazelcast Online Training Center

Whether you're interested in learning the basics of in-memory systems, or you're looking for advanced, real-world production examples and best practices, we've got you covered.